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high alone

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TokinMosquito, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. hey GC what do you guys like to do when you get baked alone, it always seems kinda boring for me and i cant find anything to do
  2. order your choice of food but double, load a bong while listening to your choice of music, listen and rip to a few songs, then get laid back and stick on a film.
  3. being high alone is fine with me as long as i got something to do
    usually video games
    gotta keep my mind busy otherwise it just wanders off in crazy directions
  4. just get really high, the highest you've ever been. then just listen to music and play video games, watch tv, or what ever. that's what I'm doing right now and its a really nice way to start off the morning, or nice way to end the evening. have fun ;):smoking:
  5. I generally watch a good movie, particularly one that I haven't seen before but has elements that will stimulate me, such as a fantasy or science fiction movie. It's one of my rituals lately to get high and watch a movie I've never seen before that's supposed to be good, but sometimes I get distracted. If it's a really strong body high I'll be in bed caressing myself for no reason (yes I know that sounds weird but I can't help it) and sometimes I'll get distracted by music, or sometimes when I feel dopey I'll watch adult swim or something.

    My least favorite thing to do is go to sleep. Although sometimes it feels really good to get in bed and pass out, I feel like it's a waste of a high, even if I wake up still kind of high.
  6. Get stoned and play video games while listening to music then maybe surf the net and smoke more :smoke:
  7. Food, TV, Internet, Art, pr0n. The list goes on :D
  8. 1. smoke more
    2. listen to music, loud (i use my beats by dre or bose system damn is it nice when blazed ha)
    3. while listening to music play video games or browse internet
    4. watch a bomb ass movie, or like me last sat got way ripped and watched the pitt b-bal game
    5. eat.
    6. just do whatever you feel like

    i love bein high alone, but prob do prefer to be high wit others.
  9. Who says you have to be doing anything, just let your mind wander. Sometimes materialistic things don't give us the joy that we think we're getting. Just chill and let your mind run free. You could be doing nothing at all, while still enjoying yourself.
  10. I love putting on some tunes and just looking off my back deck. Sometimes I light up, put on some music and just lean back in my computer chair and watch the town that my apartment overlooks. You can do some serious soul searching sometimes when you are blazed.

  11. This statement is full of truth, I love spending the day this way.
  12. browse the interwebz, movie, tv, games, write, listen to tunes, you know the biz.
  13. Normally I don't have access to the internet when i'm getting stoned alone so there goes all the fun things to do and look at on the net. I normally watch a comedy and if that fails to satisfy my stoned requirements I usually play Solitare whilst listening to some music! =]
  14. just let your mind wander...
    Seriously, you'll get a new perspective on shit..
    Or you can just listen to music. =)
  15. Kick on the tunes and close your eyes.
    Personally I get so much thinking done when I am high.
    Relationship problems are so easy to handle if you just think about them and get a different perspective on it.
    I just like thinking.
  16. I like to just sit there and think when I'm high alone...
    But when I think too much when I'm high and someone tries to talk to me I go way too into detail...

  17. Hell yea I always feel like Im rambling when i talk to someone, Sometimes i apologize when i think i rambled for along time haha
  18. how can you not have something to do when high? i mean everything is great high, just take out the trash or something. maybe the bag will rip and you will have to clean it all up. that will give you something to do

    also smoking alone is bomb shit only true stoners do hahahha. i hate it when people say "ew you smoke alone!?". wtf does it matter smoking alone or with someone. just alone your not going to have a funny high(most of the time) it is more of a trip in a way. i mean you mind will not sto running and i LOVE that.

    smoking alone everynight for the past month and my things i do is
    1. pack the bowl while playing either GTA 4 or gears of war 2
    2. smoke the bowl while playing, also at this point i turn on music
    3. usually pack a second bowl and repeat
    4. when done i make sure EVERYTHING IS AWAY!!! as when you smoke alone you tend to smoke alot(at least i do) and i have forgotten to put my shit away many of times and thank the lord that i havent been caught like that yet.
    5. look for anything and everything that looks appealing to eat
    6. eat my food AFTER smoking so i get mad tired and fall asleep because i usaly have school the next day and need to get sleep so it all works great

    very long post, now i feel satisfied.

  19. me too lmfao lmfao and then they go "what? your not doing that." and then i feel like a fuckking idiot even more hahahahhahah.

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