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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by kookie, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. High @all, i thought id send my first post to this part of the city as this is where the most info for me seems to be .
    Im a 35 yr old Brit living in Germany,quite close to the Dutch border !!
    Ive been smokin for about 15yrs now but I dont smoke cigs and never have! Ive got about 8 small plants outside just growing wild and not doing to much and inside theres 3 lovely big bushy girls in pots !
    Any way nice to be here , and its semms like theres quite a few nice folks here with a lot of knowledge and experiance .

    ttfn KOOKIE......
  2. HIGH All, welcome to the City kookie....sounds like you have some nice plants inside, any idea what your growing?

    Again Welcome!!!
  3. Auf Wiedersehen, Pet!


  4. Dont b a plonker sureshot lol
  5. high UNOIT, no i have no idea what sorts they are.
    My sister moved house and while i was sorting out the garden shed i found some stuff that the other tennets had left behind,
    a used socket with some metal gauze filters and a big bag of seeds, there must have been at least 1000 little tiger striped seeds in there !! So i thought ooohhh my lucky day an put em in my pocket !
    At the end of April i germinated about 30 seeds ,but because of space i can only have a few indoors ,all 30 sprouted but ive only got about 15 survivors now thanks too weather,bugs etc.
    the 3 under lights look like 2 differant sorts tho (colouring and growth differ but leaf shape same ? ) and they all have the sweetest glittery sparkling white pistels and i just cant wait too see what kind of smoke they turn out !!

    All the best KOOKIE.....

  6. *LMAO*

    Shuddup Delboy.

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