High all! - EDM producer from London. :)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Neurohop, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Easy errbody. :smoke:

    Hope everyone's enjoying their apocalypse-free weekend, and not too stressed on the run-up to Christmas/NYE.

    This is my first account on GC, although I have been lurking for a couple of years now... Anyways, thought I should say hi to you all.

    Gon' get me some rubicon nao.

    Peace all :yummy:
  2. Welcome to gc!

    I do have one question (and i mean no offense) but what makes someone an "EDM producer"? Because most self proclaimed EDM producers I've met are simply kids with a computer using pre-recorded tracks that they "mix".

    Or are you skrillex?! Because man.. skrillex. Hes sure is....skrillex. im sorry, i hate skrillex
  3. I suppose it's a declaration to a level of professionalism to which you subscribe. I have a dip ce and higher dip in Music Production and considering it's all I've done for the last five years (not to mention how I currently pay the bills), I proclaim myself as a general edm producer. :3

    Hope dis helps :). Feel like I'm rambling..!
  4. This is incorrect. Those that "mix" prerecorded tracks are DJ's. Producers build their tracks from the ground up with saw tooth sounds and synths. Not with samples or loops.

    OP, links to your choons?
  5. Yeah JRTokin is correct, however producers are permitted to include samples/loops into their work should they feel the need.

    Posted this in the music hub section earlier, but here's some WIP glitch/neurohop I've been working on:


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