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Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Frosty Bowls, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. what do you guys like to do when you get high? And how do you feel about gaming when you're stoned?

    Personally I like watching Netflix. Im a binge watcher so I really love the relaxed feel when Im just chillin there. But sometimes Ill play Xbox but I cant be focused enough usually.
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  2. I am a huge gamer :D I usually smoke when i play games, My friends all make jokes about my rolling breaks :D But they never have an issue with it.

    I met so many friends that smoke weed when during my gaming times. Some are on this forum some are not but i become really close friends with many.

    I don't watch Tv , i only follow 2-3 tv series and i watch them through apple tv . I prefer listening music and reading over watching tv. But with growing age reading stoned become pain in the butt because of my degrading eyes :(
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  3. I'm watching the old Fantasia movie

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  4. Depends on what & how much I smoke. Occasionally I like to either enjoy a nice bath or long shower after I smoked. Most of the time I just like to drive or find a park to sit in & think.
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  5. Driving and smoking is the best. I could road trip anywhere with enough weed
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  6. Also yard games are fun, horseshoes, washers, cornhole
  7. Gaming is great while smoking. You just have to find the game that you enjoy it with. Personally huge racing gamer when high, but I know others who go towards their shooters or others. It's all about preference

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  8. Surfing YouTube, watching foreign movies and cartoons/old movies, podcasts

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  9. If I get the right strain I like to clean my house while stoned. I mean I've got to do it anyways, why not make it enjoyable? Lol

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  10. Sometimes I re-watch movies to see them from another perspective :^)
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  11. I watch soccer or listen to music just like I'm doing at the moment. The weed really creates an interesting vibe and sometimes I feel like I'm actually in the game competing against the other team
  12. You play xbox1 or ps4
  13. Ps4
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  14. Thinking is a good high activity. Sometimes I sit on my balcony with a joint or some vodka and think about life and whatever.
    I started drawing a comic book satire of my life. Playing the guitar is fun too as well as gaming
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  15. Listen to music and browse the internet mostly, i'll pull up a game here and there.
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  16. 90% of the time, I'm watching Netflix. The other 10%, I'm cleaning the house lol

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  17. I do the same but with music

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  18. Kantaro Sweet Tooth Salaryman on Netflix.. You have to read subtitles but it's worth it

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  19. Sing to my plants
    Play Bob Marley for my plants
    Sing to my plants
    Sing to my plants some more

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  20. Everything!!!
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