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High 4 days later?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ra2z, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. 4 days ago i took a hit from a bong "26% thc bud" which resulted in a great 1 high which disapeared shortly after. 3-4 hours later i was hit with sevre anxiety "which is currently causing isomina, only gotten 1-3 hours of bad sleep every day", pariona, and occasionly intense depression. I will add i felt as if i was going insane for the first 2 days. I am some one who is used to taking 150-300 gram edibles and i am capable of dealing with the crazy high's that come with it, which is why i am suprised to why a single bong hit effected me so badly.

    I used to weigh 260 and weighed 147 at the time of taking it. even despite this i still eat 30-60 gram cookies 3-4 months "with the weight lost" before the hit and it was nothing as bad as it is now.

    Kind of worried that this will not disapear anytime soon. Did i just get unlucky and it will disapear after a week or 2?
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  2.'ve only experienced this with one type/strain, yes?
    Seems like that was the outstanding factor in play.
    Don't have that one any more.
    Take a few more days to relax - and know that a lot of anxiety can be psychosomatic, and can also be elevated by you, the user. Remain calm. Lots of liquids. Stop with the weed. Get some laps in/exercise to make yourself more tired before bed. Go from coffee to tea. Reduce caffeine.
    Seek medical advice if these things don't help.

    ...then in a few weeks try some weed that's not right at the top end for THC, and see how you go.
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  3. Alright, thanks.
  4. Im starting to fully recover from the anxiety, what a horrible week that was.
  5. I doubt you're high 4 days after smoking lol
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  6. Did you eat chocolate? It can make the high last longer, but maybe it was just anxiety that stayed few days, the more you worry the worse it gets, been there.. don't read negative stuff about weed or listen to anti-weed phaggots.
  7. What kind of weed are you smoking, laced with meth? The weed may have caused you to think of something or some event may have happened during your high.

    Do you not smoke much and only eat a lot of edibles?
  8. I sometimes feel anxious but I’m anxious and paranoid all the the time but yeah sometimes my mind goes crazy and thinks I’m gonna die or I can’t breathe or what if a planet just crashed into the earth uno that type of anxiety but it goes shortly after and il just watch some tv it goes away and I’m left baked asf

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  9. It’s likely just ur body expelling it equalling in it going out of your blood stream which would make you feel a drowsy high

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  10. Hi,

    I wanted to share my experience. I've smoked marijuana frequently for the past 10 years. Last week Monday, after over a week of not smoking anything or using any cannabis products, I got a new strain of weed ('blue cookies' apparently) which was quite strong. I smoked a joint of it before sleeping, went to bed and everything was fine. The next day (Tuesday) I smoked some more and had a decent sized joint before going to bed. I was high. So I went to sleep. About an hour later I woke up with a full on panic attack, difficulty breathing. This continued all throughout the night and I could not sleep at all. All I could do was pace around my apartment. The next day everything I was completely exhausted but had some errands to do. I wanted to get an early night because I was so tired from no sleep. So I smoked a joint before sleeping. Went to bed, and again, woke up with an even worse panic attack, but the same kind of thing, feeling difficulty to breathe. I threw out the rest of my weed and went to the hospital, where they said it was just a panic attack from the marijuana.

    I thought it would go away but it didn't. Every night since then I have had the panic attacks waking me up, although they do slowly seem to get less bad as time goes on. I took another week off using any cannabis. I was still getting the night time panic attacks a week later, so decided to buy some CBD products, as these are supposed to STOP panic attacks. I vaped some CBD (no THC) last night and used a two squirts of the oil under my tongue. After vaping the CBD weed I felt so chill and relaxed. "Finally" I thought, "I can chill". 45 minutes of total chillness were followed by the awful sickly panic feeling coming back, as well as an uncomfortable pressure feeling under the muscles (which I sometimes get from strong cannabis).

    Now, I do have a history of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis symptoms, which I have been able to control by not smoking huge amounts all the time and decreasing frequency. Usually that manifested with acid reflux and stomach and intestinal problems. Years ago I had those problems more. This however is new, and seems to be some kind of mutation of CHS, as I do still get relief from the hot baths (had about 3 last night). It all seems to be some kind of Cannabinoid toxicity in the brain, possibly the hypothalamus as I've read. Both these panic / breathing symptoms that I'm getting now even from the CBD and the CHS abdominal symptoms I was getting before. I wish I did not have this because I love pot so much. But If it continues I will obviously have to stop for good. A century of having cannabis illegal has made things worse as it has prevented medical scientists from studying the effects of cannabis on the human body. There's no point in going to a normal doctor about these issues because they don't know anything about it which makes it even more frustrating. Maybe there are some specialist Cannabis doctors who actually know a thing or two about these problems. While these symptoms I've described don't necessarily fit the archetypical CHS case I do believe it falls under the umbrella of cannabis toxicity. It is also interesting that the CBD causes it the same. Perhaps it is the CBD which causes it. Wish we knew more. But I love weed. Will be very depressed if I have to stop for good, but it looks like I will.

    All the best guys,
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    Its weed addiction, started taking edibles again, took a break for a day or 2, intense anxiety. Now that i deicded to quite for good all of the problems came back with some other symptons, Intesnse anger, overwhelming depression"dident even want to live anymore and hated everyone", intense parinoa anxiety, and some blurry hallucinations for 5 seconds. 2 years of my life passed away like nothing.

    You can stop it, just got to push through the pain, but i am getting 5 hours of sleep this time.

    I did abuse my edibles for extended periods of time in the past year "1/2/3 weeks with no breaks" use so its my fault. So just as a warning for future users, discipline your marijuana use.

    Forgot to add, i also exprieneced the same exact reaction you did with cbd. Im like my father with meds, they hit harder and and clears out of my body quicker than others, which is prob why im not expriencing CHS.

    Sorry for my poorly construced post, anxiety is through the roof right now.
  12. I'm not experiencing the CHS for a while now. I'm microdosing now and it's a bit better, not getting the huge panic attacks. I'm still not getting the chill feeling that I used to from weed though. Try taking literally one or two hits max off a joint and see if that helps. At least you can gague it better. Also why would we all of a sudden get this after smoking for so long? I also used to take breaks and start again no problem. Would get super baked but no bad feelings. One thing I have noticed for sure is everyone who has this stopped smoking for a period and then restarted and then boom, panics etc. I noticed the weed is making my heart beat faster too, or at least feels like that. Could this have to do with the latest generation (mutations) of weed, considering we all didn't used to get this? If this doesn't go away I have to say I've lost all interest in weed.
  13. I'm trying to slowly build my tolerance up by smoking tiny tiny amounts. I'll report back in and see if it works.
  14. Been having tiny spliffs only, 5 or so baby hits in them max and still getting the raised heart rate symptoms as well as discomfort and pressure under the muscles, albeit more mild, due to the smaller dose. I don't get the enjoyable sleepy relaxed effect I used to get. It stops me from sleeping and I get panic symptoms. I went to a dispensary and bought what was supposed to be the most chill indica strain as well, not Sativa or panic strains etc. I think I will stop for good now it looks like. Sad. I used to love weed even up until recently. Anyone have a cure?
  15. I've also noticed tinnitus symptoms. Also, another thing I have noticed from reading through the people who have similar symptoms as us, it all started after some kind of break, in my case a week or two but in other peoples cases a month or more.
  16. Interesting. i've once had something similar when stopped smoking for a few days than got a hold of some 29% shit that was excellent.

    it gave me a bad panic for 2 hours though. but not days. i would pay $150 / gram for what you have right now.
  17. It
    It ain’t fun. Really hurts bad especially in the muscles.

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