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Discussion in 'General' started by Trouble, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. I never felt welcome anywere I went or with anyone i chilled with I had given up tryin at the age of 16.
    i was always alone till I met a group of potheads they treated me good made me feel at home and helpped me get through a major crisis I owe my life to my pothead friends.
    The sweet leaf changed the way I looked at the world and kept the knife off my wrists I'm a loyal pothead I feel at home when I'm arround other potheads and this is just a opinion but I think thiers a unspoken bond betwen all potheads when the venom is flowin through your veins and that magic feelin grips your entire body your conected trough a feelin deep inside you that every person stoned out thier minds arround the entire globe is linked together Through the smoke.
  2. I agree...there's something about stoners that makes us all have a cool connection! I haven't met too many stoners I didn't dig...those I didn't dig were usually not true to MaryJane anyway. It's definitely enhanced my life and made me a happier and kinder person.
  3. when i first started to blaze back in the day, i used to always say itd be cool if some day, everyone in the world got all the weed they possibly could, and then we all met up on some island or something, put it all in a huge pile, and set it on fire, hotboxing the atmosphere.

    hahah, now that im older i see how this "most likely" hahah, wouldnt work.

    but hey, itd be damn cool. get everyone in the world stoned together. see bush start a war then ;)
  4. be true to the mj and the mj will be true to you

    at least thats what ive found.

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