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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DiscreetSmoker, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. I still have a year left to live with my parents and they recently found my stash and i was given consequences. Needless to say with a stay at home mom and one mark against me hiding stuff at home clearly won't work anymore. Anybody got any ideas about where i could safely hide my stash that is not in my own home.

    My last stash was WELL hidden when it was found. Not just under the bed or in the closet. it was practically buried and parents still found it so the house is not an optoin
  2. Burying it was probably easy to find if you left dirt trails and paths. Your room is probably the safest place, shelves, behind books, in containers.

    And honestly, if you can't manage to hide it yourself, you shouldn't be smoking.
  3. Bro I can look around my room and find 50 places nobody will ever look.

    Just think dude, cut open a book or some shit.
  4. one i didn't actually bury it because i'm not a dumbass.
    i have a stay at home mom so all she does all day is stay at home and go through shit.

    it was hidden in an old piece of duct work in the ceiling of the utility room in my basement. not ductwork by the actualy duct that were in use. it was way out of they way where nobody would ever go into the ceiling. i still don't know how she found it.
  5. bury it in your yard, like treasure!

    Haha I actually have a lot of friends with stash spots literally underground. Depends where you live though, they all have forests near their houses and can just creep out there to toke up or drink or whatever
  6. ya'll are missing the point that i don't want to hide stuff in my house. she goes though everything and doesn't believe in personal space. shes opened my safe, she goes through my clothes. i tried hiding alcohol in the speakers. she found it while dusting the inside of the fucking speakers.

    i'm looking for places outside my house so i don't get caught the same exact way i have before

  7. She probably heard you clunking around or saw evidence that it was moved.
  8. and i only took it out when everyone left the house. literally i was anal about it and still got screwed.

  9. The only other places are really in your car / at school / with you all the time. All of which are pretty stupid ideas.

    Don't you have friends you can trust or somethin?
  10. that'll probably have to work.

    i can't wait until i go to college and my nosy mom is out of my shit
  11. You were literally anal about it?
  12. Tell your mother to do things more worthwhile, like basejumping.
  13. Dude how old are you? I'm 19 and am back at home til i go back to school next january and my parents found all my pipes, bubbler, and bong yesterday when i was in SB and we just had a LONG argument about it. I held my own pretty well, but they still don't want my shit in their house so i said i will box it up til i move. Just try and talk it out and come to a middleground.
  14. look at the spot in your room were your mom never even notices. before my parents wer kool wit me i kept it where the battery goes in the smoke detector
  15. thats a pretty ironic place.
  16. If you cant hide stuff why is your name Discreet Smoker :cool:
  17. well it's hard to tell you where to put your stash if inside isn't a option.we dont know what your outside surroundings look like.but i guess you can stuff it in a bush and put in it a dirty nasty sock so no1 will touch it.
  18. PS2 Expansion Bay.

  19. same thing happened to me a few months ago and my mom said im 18 and i can make my own choices but she doesnt want it in the house. Then i popped out the lights above my rear view mirror and kept it in a crevice up there until it wouldnt clip back in and I had to crazy glue it back up, so now i keep it under the carpet in my car and pop the carpeting back under the plastic lining panels of the door and it looks like nobody took it out...both of those hiding spots didnt make my car smell btw
  20. Just find a better place in your room. Put it in something that is is right in front of her face. Have any old trophies? Take them apart alot of room in there. Take the faceplate off the light switch haha fuck see if you can hide it in her duster. If you take a sharpie pull pull off the tip were the cap goes on, pull out the little thing of ink, clean the body of the sharpie really well, put a little hot glue in the tip (were the cap goes). You can hide your weed in there, fits a joint or a good amount of shake, put that on your kitchen table. the tip will still have some ink in it so you can still write a little with it (or your backpack, desk, drawer. Its just a sharpie ;) haha)

    Or if you are really desperate burry it or if there is a light post outside your house that is like mine, you can pull up this little plastic part thats on the bottom and hide shit in there. Wouldn't recommend it though cus then your bud is exposed to the elements and the people who work on the lights or whatever might find it.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Places you could hide your stash![/ame]

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