Hiding weed smell

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  1. I like to smoke in my room before bed a lot and live with people who are against it. But it helps me sleep and going outside isn't an option

    My door has virtually no space underneath for smoke to leak smell, i use a one-hitter, make sure to not let it cherry, and use a sploof and air freshener with my ceiling fan on.

    is that enough to cover the smell?
  2. Pour petrol on your walls, this will help.
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  3. I hope you close the vents
  4. If your door has virtually no space under it, it wouldn't open or close. I'm a carpenter. I know these things.
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  5. I used to also use a sploof when I was that paranoid, and blow it out the window.:smoke:

    This guy has a point, so you could also try stuffing a towel under the door when you smoke.

    Really though, you will always be caught eventually if you decide to hide it. It's best to be open about it with whoever you're living with, or find somewhere else. In the long run it saves a lot of stress.
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  6. Well true haha. What I meant was its a small gap, thats also mostly covered by my carpet. I usually dont smell anything until i actually enter my room but idk if im just used to the smell or what.
  7. It sucks cause i dont have windows that open lol. Im not going to be living here too much longer. I'll probably use a towel more often

  8. yes few things you can do
    I would head to the store and buy some house plants lavender and jasmine use that love my carpet stuff on your carpets tis will fill the room with those nice scents
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  9. Incense..
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  10. Make you some edibles bro. PM me if you need help.

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  11. you are used to the smell of weed smoke ,believe me i bet others know but have not said any thing to you (yet) mac.
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  12. I'd love to make edibles.. But i have no where to make them, i never have the house to myself.
  13. Ah, yeah, i use candles a lot, too. Dont use incense as much but maybe i should
  14. just buy some house plants lol lavender when flowering fills the room with its scent and a few more flowering plants it works wonders
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