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Hiding weed in public question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stonedloner, Feb 19, 2016.

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    Not too sure if I'm posting in the right section but oh well [​IMG]

    Ok basically, I enjoy smoking occasionally with my friends. Unfortunately, I do not have the pleasure of purchasing and smoking weed legally as it is illegal medicinally and recreationally where I'm from.. Florida. I've carried weed in public before, but I've realized that it's just not worth doing.

    So what I've been doing is I would smoke in my neighborhood, hide my weed under some bushes by the lake while I go out in public, then later I'd return to pick up my stash and go home.

    Now my question, if the cops were to randomly find my stash, and for some crazy reason were to fingerprint the bag and somehow traced it back to me, would I be in trouble? I don't mean to sound paranoid, I'm really not, it's just something I've wondered. I understand that you must be caught with weed on you physically to be arrested/fined, but what if they had proof that you once had possession of the stash?
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    Cops will not fingerprint a random bag of Marijuana. They will smoke it themselves or incinerate it. Every cop shop has a budget and every thing they do cost them money. How will they trace it to you? Have you been arrested and fingerprinted before? Regardless, they won't waste budget and time to fingerprint a random bag of Marijuana. a bag in a bush is not a crime scene. You have to be 18 to post

  3. .....Its not a murder weapon they aren't going to finger print it. Also what you are doing shows you are ignorant, immature, and a child.
  4. Ah dude don't worry I live in a place where it's illegal as well and I carry weed in my pocket the whole time :D just get a smell proof bag and don't worry bout nothing, it's no big deal, cops don't go searching random people unless they smell it or catch you smoking a joint 🏻
  5. Yes you are. You think cops are going to run your little dime bag through CSI analysis? lol. Have you even been fingerprinted before by law enforcement? If no, then there's no way that would even work since they don't have a copy of your fingerprints. Also, plastic ziplock bags like little dimebags tend to be, aren't fingerprintable. They are too porous. Also, since it's outside and who knows how long it's been outside, even if it were fingerprintable they wouldn't waste their time as it's not like fingerprints lasts for years. A few hours outside over night and if they were there, they'd be gone. Once dew point is reached everything's fucked. So, yes you are paranoid. I say that with confidence because you're spending all of your time thinking about getting caught and apparently no time thinking about all the reasons that your fears aren't real.

  6. Man, even if they found the bag in your pocket of the pants you are wearing right now you'd likely not even be fingerprinted.

    You probably wouldn't even be arrested. A few counties in Florida have made anything under 20 grams a ticket.
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    Don't hide pot anywhere outside. THC is actually a poison for dogs if they ingest it. Like others have said, stop over thinking it and stop being so paranoid.
  8. Not to derail, but really?

    I had no idea of that!! Good to know man!!

  9. Yeah, it's one of those things like chocolate being okay for us and toxic for dogs. Here's a good article on it. It takes a lot to kill a dog, but not much to start having a bad effect.
  10. I found the hard way. My dog ate a good bit of hash I just made and wow did she get sick. Cost us over $500 in emergency vet visit, plus we were scared shitless we might lose her. They fed her Charcoal laced dog food, lots of water and IVs.

    I kind of chuckle now but at the time we were pretty upset. Boy was she fucked up. She literally could not walk.
  11. I did this with cigarettes when I was 12, lol

    I don't think anyone over/near 18 would feel the need to hide weed under bushes.. Sounds like stuff kids do.

    To make you feel better, where I live, there's no legal differentiation between marijuana and heroin, you get the same punishment (years of jail), yet I carry it around just like cigarettes.

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