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hiding weed from parents

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bungalowboy26, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. To be honest, whenever i have crap i dont want my rents seeing, i put it in my Computer game cases. I had a box from a world of warcraft game card, and i shove all my shit in there.

    I also have a shit load of boxes in that closet aswell, so it just masks it nicely.

    Heres an idea, if you're super serious about it:

    If you do follow that video, try to use a canister that is least harmful, also be sure to wash it out many times and disinfect it before you do it.

  2. i have a million spots
    my personal fav spot is in a mini tupperware container in the base of my lava lamp. i just screw off the bottle of "lava", take out the heat bulb, put the weed under the socket for the bulb and then reassemble it. i haven't turned it on while it's in there though, not sure if it would smell. letsee. i keep all my credit card receipts so sometimes i hide it under all of those in my cupboard. also i have homemade huge gloves for a halloween costume one year that still shows the stuffing, so i can put my stash deep down inside and you won't even think of looking there. and of course i can always put it in my amp, computer, stereo, whatever.

    There i said it.
    Wrap your sack and pipe in tin foil, not super tight where the buds get smashed, just nice enough to hold it all in.

    You can hid it anywhere, you cant smell shittt!

    I take weed with me everywhere, I am around my parents alot too. They got no clue.
  4. i used to wrap the baggie in like a sandwich bag, then i'd stuff it in a drawer underneath all my underwear so the smell of clothing masks the scent. to be fair though, my parents never really went through my shit anyways, but it's always nice to be safe. you could also like... tape it somewhere that people can't see, like the top part of the inside of a drawer? idk, never tried it but it sounds cool
  5. NEVER do this,people have been hiding shit in mattresses since the dawn of time! One of the most obvious places to look.

    I like what another poster said about the battery compartment of an alarm clock, or a stereo for that matter.These are usually known by police too though.

    The best I ever saw was at a friends,he was renting a house from his religious aunt, and there was a crucifix on the wall that had space for two candles inside! Perfect, in plain sight yet no-one would ever think to look in there! You can probably still get them too,that religious crap never changes much.

    Basically, try to be inventive.
  6. I use to hide my stuff in an old computer tower, my mom would never think to open up a computer case, let alone know how. aha. overall it never was found. also speakers work good too.
  7. A good place to keep your buds is in a mason air sealed jar or using those pill jars they give out perscriptions in those are easy to obtain.
  8. when i was still paranoid about my mom, i put it in a jar in a lockable guitar case. I was able to fit a decent sized bong, pieces, a quap, lighters, grinders, you name it.

    Never got caught after using that guitar case :hello:
  9. Hmmm what i would do is hide it in a guitar amp or something that isnt
    Meant to be opened i like the jacket in closet idea i keep my vicodin in there, you can also look up how to make a safe spot out of a axe spray can, its secure but dont let anyone throw it away or ull lose some bud best wishes buddy
  10. Wow, haven't seen this thread is 3 years lol.
  11. My friend got me a coconut with a face carved in it, and it's always been decoration. But it's hollow and the back has a hidden opening, so I usually stash my lighters and bag of weed in there. I also have a decent sized bong which I keep bubble wrapped in a shoebox hidden beside my nightstand with about 4 other shoeboxes with random crap. Never been caught, smoking near every morning and night for the past 6 months.
  12. Ight this is what you can do....
    1.) axe stash can ( I could fit a lighter a sma pipe and about 6 grams of weed in there)
    2.) old play station in the back there's an expansion bay and its huge I could fit and ounce of bud 3 pipes ( medium sized) and like 2 lighters)
    3.) this is only for weed no lighters or pipes is the inside of your deo
    Works for me great haha there's so many places just got to be really creative and keep it on places like for me my play station on my desk haven't played it in 4 years but no one would look there or put the axe can in ur bathroom. My mom tried "cleaning my room" and my shit was in the axe and she's never found it good luck!
  13. Get a deodorant stick (axe) and take out the deodorant and clean the inside and fit as much stuff in there as you can and put the cap back on and it'll look like a normal deodorant stick
  14. yo most dressers have a little space between the bottom droor and the ground
  15. yo most dressers have a little space between the bottom droor and the ground

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