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Hiding Weed From My Friend...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BladeMaster, Dec 30, 2013.

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    What's up, GC. Happy late Holidays. Hope you all enjoyed yours, as I had mine. Here's an unusual situation that I need some help with if you all don't mind:
    I'm going to a friend's house on Friday with some Weed. Basically, the three of us who are going to be there are best friends, but one of them is the biggest anti-weed fucking kid I've ever met (his Mom works for the DCF). Anyways, the other kid (the one who's house we're going to) doesn't give a fuck (nor does he smoke), and I did it at his house on Saturday, so it works out over there...
    His place works because he is surrounded TOTALLY by woods, plus there's an abandoned house like 2-minutes down the road by foot.

    How do I keep my smoking to a down-low from my other friend who completely DESPISES weed. My plan was to go outside and, "play basketball," which worked on Saturday, but since he's gonna be there too, how do I get him off my back to do my deal? If I say I'm gonna go, "take a piss," he's the kinda kid that'll try and follow you just to be annoying or some shit. Sorry if I'm rambling, but if you at least get the gist of what I'm trying to ask, please help me lol!
    Thanks in advance, peace and pot.
  2. Wait till he's asleep or don't hang with him! I doubt hell get mad if u smoke just don't pressure him and if u can, wait till he sleeps.. If your over 18 I don't see why this is a problem.......o_O
  3. @[member="BagOKronic"] You see, man. The plan was to pull an all-nighter. Either way, this kid's really annoying and doesn't sleep lol! If I didn't know him well enough, I'd think he was high, too! You think if I'm lucky I can just slip into a dark-spot at night and take a rip from a waterfall or something? That way, he'll just think that it's a waterbottle lol?
  4. tell him that youre spiritual or personal and sometimes just need your quiet time, i dont see any reason to lie about it but just because he's your roommate doesnt mean hes gotta always be around. 
  5. Your best bet would be to use a pipe pack one hitter bowls and once you get at least 2 minutes away from him just take the whole bowl to the dome.
  6. Just tell him ur gonna go smoke. If he doesn't like it tough luck. Best friends are suppose to be ur best friend no matter what. Even if one likes to smoke alittle pot.
  7. Tell him you are gonna go for a walk to think about some stuff thats on your mind. Tell him your not trying to be rude or a dick but you'd prefer if you handled this one on your own.
  8. Why is a narc your friend? Are you a narc?

    I remember this one kids dad whos a pig wanted to be my friend I told him to back up or else.

    Never saw him again. So yea man why you chill with him it's gonna end up biting you in the ass.
  9. [quote name="AleR" post="19255166" timestamp="1388441340"]Why is a narc your friend? Are you a narc?I remember this one kids dad whos a pig wanted to be my friend I told him to back up or else. Never saw him again. So yea man why you chill with him it's gonna end up biting you in the ass.[/quote]u sound like a dick
  10. Who cares? Tell him it's you and he can worry bout himself it doesn't affect him so
  11. Your friend sounds like a fag.
  12. You have a friend thats so against weed that youre afraid to tell him or have him know your smoking? Doesnt sound like a good friend if he cant accept the fact you smoke. He doesnt have to like it, but he doesnt have to comment on it or make you feel uncomfortable for doing something you enjoy. 
  13. Lol. My dad was a cop and I was one of the worst kids at my school. And I sold occasionally. So that dont mean shit.

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  14. Quit being a frumpy frump and just grow a pair. Jesus. Tell him if he doesn't like it he can leave, who gives a fuck. Also punch him next time he tries to sneak a peek at your Wang while you piss. Wtf kind of kids do you chill with???Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  15. Also instead of trying to lie, sneak, and bullshit your supposed 'best friend' why not just act like a grownup and be straight up with him. >being 13Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  16. In that situation i just don't smoke unless someone else is smoking with me. If you're just hanging for a few hours, I'd just not smoke because it's not like you can't have fun not high. But if you feel you have to, I'd just be like "I left my phone in my car. I'll be right back," and smoke in your car. That only works if you have a car and drove, though. But above all, if he's really your best friend, he shouldn't give a shit if you are high or not.
  17. If you are the only person going to smoke, how about not smoking for one day?
    Like, even if my friends were cool with my smoking at their house, and they didnt smoke, I still wouldnt. Something to do with respect.
  18. OP you said you guys are best friends, but it sounds like you hate the kidSent from my QMV7A using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  19. Tell him you're off to do something he disapproves of and that he shouldn't be worried about it. You're not doing it in front of him so it's none of his business really.
  20. Tell your friend to stop judging you, you aren't trying to make him smoke...I have figured out in the past couple years "friends" who judge you on silly shit like that really aren't your friends. Personally, I'd tell him if he doesn't like it, go fuck himself it isn't his house to say what you can and can't do.

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