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Hiding weed from my dad

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Laughing Grass, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Ok so I am going down to my dad's house for a little while and my dad doesnt want me to bring any weed cuz he thinks I am going to give some to my brother. I am just trying to bring some down for myself and not my brother as my dad thinks. So I am wondering if you guys know of any good ways to hide weed. My dad is going to check my bag when I arrive to make sure I have no weed so I have to hide it very well. I am bringing two cartons of smokes down to my dad's and I thought what I could do is open one of the packs in one of the cartons and stuff weed into one of the cig's and put some tobacco on the end of that smoke so it looks as though its a cig. Then seal the carton with super glue so it looks like a fresh carton of smokes from the store. Is this a good idea??? I want other stoners idea's if I can cuz sometimes my idea's kick ass when I am high and then when i am sober im like Thanks in advance guys :)
  2. Stick it up your ass.
  3. dont forget it smells like marijuana not tobacco lol. that would suck if they are like "whoa thats not tobacco!" and look right at you =P
  4. just tape the bag of weed to the inside of your leg. if think he might search you tape it to your nuts.
  5. How much do you plan on bringing? You can put some in a bag and then put it in your sock
  6. hollow out an axe can!! just look it up on youtube

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