Hiding that you smoke.

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  1. So recently I started dating & of course not everyone likes the idea of marijuana. I'm talking to one who is cool w it, I don't think they'll get past the friend zone due to me finding them unattractive.

    I only vape concentrates so there is not even a smell & I really only do it at night when I'm just chillin.

    So anyway, what would you all do if you met a fine girl that wasn't into weed; would you secretly do it behind their back?

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    The way I see it, now-a-days smoking weed - much like drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes - is a lifestyle choice and is and has been a part of my lifestyle for the last three years now.
    So for me, if I find I girl I really connect with or who I find insanely attractive and she's into me and she wasn't into me smoking weed, then she really isn't into me at all, just an idea of me. 
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  3. I don't think that there would be a reason for me to hide the fact that I smoke some good herb. Every now and then I would encourage for my partner to take a few rips with me. But finding an attractive girl that s moles some hen is a whilst plus for me.
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  4. I mean I can browse & look for mates that are only weed friendly. I'm still getting to know her & only found out that she isn't into drugs, not even weed through her questionnaire thingy. I'm going out on a date w her on Wednesday. Ugly chicks message me so I have to sometimes be on the prowl & not everyone is into weed.

    I'll find out what her deal is (prolly not the first date but soon if all goes well). Hopefully soon cuz she is fineeee!

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  5. I would tell them straight up and if theyre not ok with it then it just would work out. but then again i toke quite frequently

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  6. I would share all relevant information. I don't want to spend time with an intolerant person.
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    nah, it's no secret that i smoke...i don't hide it at all.
    lifes too short to give a crap what someone thinks. she don't like it...then she can gtfo...
    not like i smoke a ton anymore anyway. 
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    I would tell her to shut the fuck up about something that she obviously has no idea about. Then id blow my smoke in her face and point her to the door.
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    If you can't be yourself around her she isn't right for you.

    I didn't smoke at all when my girl and I got together and she didn't like the idea of smoking either, but about a year after we started going out I started toking, and after some initial displeasure I educated her about the herb and now she smokes with me occasionally :)
  10. I hide nothing.
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  11. Yeah I'm thinking about slowly weeding her into it haha. I mean if it goes forward & there is chemistry.

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  12. Yea, education works well with an open minded person. Then if she doesn't like the smell, you can have your own toke space and time. Same concept with some people who smoke cigars and cigarettes.
  13. Don't hide it. It will only cause problems in the future

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  14. Had way more fun with all my past exs that smoke so yah definitely would be straight up
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    If you're just trying to get laid then go ahead and hide the truth.

    For anything long term you need to be on the same page as much as possible.
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    When I met my wife back in 2005 we were dating. The very first time I met her my friends and I party toked while driving to the city. This was the night before our date. 
    Needless to say she wasnt a smoker but also wasnt a noob to it. I pick her up and the first thing she said to me while sitting in my car.
    "It smells like pot"
    I told her that i smoke rarely. That my friends and I went to the city and used my car last night. 
    As time went on she noticed I smoked more often than I lead her to believe. It was a problem for quite some time. Quite a bit of arguments, but we were always financially stable. She just wanted to try and change that way about me.  Finally I put my foot down and told her if you cant handle me smoking then bah bye. 
    Well, that never happened. We've been married for 4 years now and she now accepts it.
    She'll yell at me now and tell me to go smoke because I'm getting on her nerves
    DAS LIFE!!!
  17. I couldn't be with someone who didn't like it and was against me doing it. On to the next one.!
  18. Good for you for standing up for yourself and who you are mate!
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  19. Never hide your passion, ever.
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  20. I, personally wouldn't go out with someone that doesn't want me to do something I like to do well I LOVE weed lol. Really though relationships don't last long if you start hiding things

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