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  1. Ok so i know alot of people are not able to keep there stuff indoors because of various reasons, so i decided to post some tips and pictures to help. Hiding your stash in your glove box, center console, or anywhere in the open is not a good idea. I know that all cars are not designed the same, so the pictures of my spots are intended to give you an idea of where and what to look for.

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  2. yessir! Good pictures, I hide stuff in such random areas of my car. This will help.

    nebraska power.
  3. Yeah these are good ideas, but cops still know what to look for.
    Dont make it so un-obvious that its obvious
  4. the dogs will probably smell it anywhere inside the cab lol

    i recommend putting it in the fuse box under the hood :)

  5. yeah but the heat coming off the motor would straight merk your weeeeed man!
  6. naw me and my friends do it all the time
    in a honda the fuse box is next to the firewall on the side so nothing will get to it
    its in plastic anyways so it wont even get hot
  7. those spots would be ript apart very quickly if the cops ever got the go ahead to search. the love side moldings and middle dash spots. they also love hidden glove box compartments.
  8. ya the spots look obvious because i was messing with them. I always make sure to tuck in the carpet in the trunk and push the plastic of the car to hid the cracks.

    I have had cops search my car at least two times, and one of the times they said they could smell weed. but they never found anything.
  9. thanks man, do you know if the illuzions opened up in Lincoln yet? if so have you checked it out?
  10. When I picked up my QP I put it beside my battery. Even if they popped my hood they would have had to dig deep down in there for it.

  11. Sorry but i am going to have to call BS on that. First off you would remember how many times your car haa been searched if it is under five and you said "at least two" and secondly because if the cops did smell weed they wouldn't let you go because cops pracrtically orgasm when they find large amounts of drugs in cars because they get a huge bonus. SOOOOOOOOOOOO.. he wouls have called for a dog.

    Sorry buddy but i don't think ya been searched ner but once
  12. whatever man i didnt post this to argue with people, i did it to help people. i said at least two because one time my car got searched because there was a report of gun fire in the area and i didnt stop at a stop sign, cop pulled me over saying i looked like i was in a hurry to get out there. so i didnt know if that counted but I HAVE been searched two other times for other reasons. and when the cops said they smelled weed in the car i argued it was just cigarettes and they found my pack of cigs and they just gave up, idk why thats such an unbelievable story, its not like i gain any reputation or "cool" points by saying i got away from a search.
  13. I have that same trunk spot. has never failed me at hiding from my parents. hopefully it survives the 50 to.

  14. First off, these are actually genius hiding spots, because you don't have to worry about dogs if you get one of these... http://tightvac.com/productListing.asp?category=Tightvac - .12 Liter&sub_category=Solid


    Minivacs are Smell Proof – Air Tight and Super Water Resistant Sucks out air as the cap is pushed down, creating a vacuum seal

    I have one and can attest to the smell-proofness of this container, .....of course this means don't touch the shit out of your weed, then the grope the outside of your container or else your screwed, because then dogs will still smell the trace oils.

  15. Wow thats tight. How much are they? And would a dog be able to smell a resinated pipe?
  16. yea, i know a dealer that has been caught by the police twice, and he said the cops pulled him over, and brought in a dog f or the search - - he said he had it under the hood right next to the windshield, around the antifreeze, and with all the engine smells and greese, the dogs couldnt smell it
  17. Cops won't find those without a dog. I got my car searched at around 1a.m and i slipped my bowl down the side of my drivers seat kind of under the seat if you know what i mean. I asumed for sure they had found it(they found my friends bong and bud), so i didn't even think to look for it. Two days later i checked under my seat and my bowl was still there. It was so obvious and they didn't even find it.
  18. yes it opened and nah I havent been to it yet. I'm told they don't have very much stuff shipped in there yet. I was actually planning on taking a look at the place this weekend.
  19. if its anything like the one in omaha it should be pretty sick, can be a little pricey though

    just go in their with a maximum amount you look to spend so you dont spend more then you want to. you can talk them down on prices if your persistent. idk all of this could be useless as the employees will be different
  20. Drive around with a cat, and spray deer piss in your wheel wells if carrying weight.

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