Hiding stash in a car?

Discussion in 'General' started by Misotheism, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. I'm curious to hear what place everyone thinks is the best place to hide in a car. I was thinking in my shoe under or beside my foot. Or should I just crotch it?
  2. Stick it on the roof rack with these:

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  3. That's not conspicuous at all
  4. Don't worry bro, I've got you:

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  5. I guess what I'm basically saying is "Do you want to buy a roof rack?"
  6. I dont even hide tbh.

    I'll ride with my papers,grinder and weed (1g-28gs) all in the arm rest or maybe the glove box or under the seat. Roaches resting in the ashtray.

    I see no point in hiding it because if a cop wants to find it he will., never been pulled over while smoking, weed in the car yes probaly everytime, never been asked to be searched. Why because im not stupid thats why.

    Not sure if its a good idea to say where i would stash my green.
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  7. I don't have the money or the effort to buy one. I was thinking on body without them finding it if they pat you down. Because they can't strip search you.
  8. Crotch it I've been stop and searched before by pigs had 4gs on me they didn't find it and let me go :smoke:
  9. If they feel a buldge on you or think you're lying, they'll most likely just detain you and then search you at the station :laughing:. Unless you're riding with pounds just put it in the glove or trunk and don't worry about it.
  10. Man, sometimes i read stuff like this and wonder if i live in a different world. If a cop pulls me over its always pleasant and i'm on my way. I've never had a cop pat me down or ask to search anything. I think the best solution to issues like this is to not look like a scumbag and the cop will likely not treat you like one.
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  11. If it's a small amount pull off the bottom of a deodorant stick and put the bag inside.
  12. You could hide in the tires on your bike once you get your roof rack:

  13. I just put the weed in my backpack and throw it in the trunk. If its under a Oz or 2. You will have no worry if its sealed. Just act like it isnt there if you get pulled over. Cops can tell when your hiding something
  14. I just leave it in my front passenger seat. Because if it's not burnt, They can't prove I'm high.

    It also helps that I live in California. Cops have seen me do a good pipe hit in the passenger seat of a moving car...Looked at me, and continued about their business.

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