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Hiding Stash From Parents

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blinkoneeightyshoe, Jun 30, 2014.

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    Alright so I'm gonna pick up from a guy I know in the town I'm from when I'm there for the Fourth of July. Only problem is, I'm going to have a 3 hour car ride back with my parents and I need a completely discreet and odorless way to store my new danks on the ride home. The only thing I can think of is a screw top cigar container I have from a single cigar I smoked awhile back. My parents are real hard asses but I need my greens! Any suggestions?
  2. A pill bottle, as long as it fits in your pocket.
  3. I've kept a stash in a pill bottle, the orange kind for prescriptions and it seemed like the smell started leaking out of it. I can have it in my backpack, it won't be in my pocket.
  4. wrap it in 2-3 Ziplocs it's probably not THAT loud :p

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  5. Pill bottle taped shut with electrical tape, wrapped in cling wrap, inside a ziplock bag. That'll do ya.

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    2 of those double seal ziplock bags. The clicks while you're closing them are oh so satisfying. 
  7. A mason jar would be best if you feel like buying one. I'd try to keep it in the car and not in the trunk bc the trunk can get pretty damn hot which will dry out your bud.
  8. Alright thanks for the awesome input guys. Sounds like it won't be too hard to get it back home without the odor leaking out.

    Stay lifted my friends!
  9. Mason jar in a backpack please.  Or an airtight little plastic container from walmart.  Be careful in the car with dank, it's easy to smell the car up.
  10. Zip loc bag inside a Mason jar imo your best bet.

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  11. get a bucket fill it half way with concrete, put a bottle in the bucket, fill up the bucket untill its at the bottles neck, then lay a piece of plastic down and pour the rest of the concrete. take apart the two peice and you have a odorless stealth weed stash, no aint gunna smell the bud even if it had a megaphone holarin at you.  :bongin:  too high dude... but on a real note just wrap the shit in like 20 bags and seal each one until its too big lol. 
  12. Here's what I do:
    I put all my weed in a sandwich bag. I then put the sandwich bags of weed into a bigger plastic bag containing my one hitter, pipe, lighter, and grinder. Then I put that bag into an airtight thermos (you can use anything airtight though.Tupperware, mason jar, etc). That will hold the smell off.

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  13. you can put it in your booty? :confused:
  14. For sure, the mason jar keeps in the smell, and the ziplock bag for incase you drop the glass mason jar

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