Hiding spots for big bong

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  1. I'm going to get a 20 inch bong but my mom goes threw my shit all the damn time so I was woundering if anybody else knows of any places in a house or back yard to hide a big bong I also have a shed
  2. yo big ass, naw. Just take the water out of it and put it in a cabinet or under your bed or something. idk
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    Up your ass?

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  4. How about instead of getting something huge that you're trying to hide, you get something smaller? Is there any reason that you feel like you need a 20in tube? I have a sgw v2 waffle tube that is only 13 in and it kills most straight tubes I've hit..
  5. anyway, hide that shit in your closet, basement, under your bathroom sink or some shit....the shed seems like a good spot if no one can find it there. i would not leave my piece outside
  6. Maybe you should just get a smaller bong until you move out....
  7. I put mine in a jacket, in a bag, in my closet.
  8. I would definitely just get a smaller bong man. I found a great deal on an 18 inch bong, and it has been nothing but a hassle for me trying to keep it concealed. I live in an on campus house that is "searched" weekly so you really have to be on your toes to not get caught.

    When I'm back at my parents home, though, I keep it standing behind my hanging clothes in the closet.

    Good luck.
  9. If you have to hide it, don't get it.
  10. I hide my bong in a lava lamp tube. :)
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    Do you own a suit that comes with a slip to hang it in the closet? Maybe thats just asking for it to slip out and break but yeah just hide it somewhere in your closet. If you have an old hockey bag or camping backpack that might work well if you wrap your tube in a towel first.

    I live on my own, but if I had to hide something big I would throw it under my fish tank by my canister filters or something, somewhere no one would have any reason to look... except my dad would probably find it haha he always manages to find reasons to snoop around at my place, not that I mind, hes a cool guy.
  12. under the bodies....
  13. do you have a backpack that it could fit into?
  14. What's funny is that I posted in this thread today, but when I walked in my house shortly after posting, I found out that my parents found all my glass.

    Sad day.
  15. [quote name='"BroItUpDroItUp"']What's funny is that I posted in this thread today, but when I walked in my house shortly after posting, I found out that my parents found all my glass.

    Sad day.[/quote]

    Whoa bro, that sucks
  16. [quote name='"jointhappy"']

    Whoa bro, that sucks[/quote]

    Yeah it was crazy. What's crazier is that my parents, (very anti-marijuana) didn't really do anything. They told me to break all of ny stuff, but I didn't. Haha. They didn't say shit.
  17. dont buy a bong if you have to hide it from your parents just smoke joints/blunts so you dont have to worry about losing shit.
  18. I have 20 inch bong and I have to hide it. I hide it under the RV in the side yard behind a tire. It's like this perfect little nook made for my bong haha.
  19. I don't know where you stand on using vaporizers but I find them great for being stealthy.

    EDIT: OR when in doubt, smoke outside with a one hitter or a small spoon pipe.
  20. try an empty box for like an xbox or a larger box that would fit it. I put mine under a bed and it got discovered. In an empty box no one could see it or anything it would be a good spot.

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