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Hiding Really Dank Bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420Stitches, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. I'm sure this has been asked before, but I wanna be more specific to my situation. 
    Very soon I'm going to be getting a half-o of Platinum Jack Herer and a half-o of Lemon OG. They're in the 20% THC range and I'm not in a medical state. I've sampled the Jack and it's the dankest bud I've ever seen/smelled. Since I'm used to mids/upper-mids and typically only have higher quality weed for short periods of time I don't usually have to worry about a smell. A couple baggies and strategic placement usually works, but from what I've smelled that's not gonna cut it with this shit. I've heard to use mason jars and stuff but I'm looking for solutions that use up less space. What I mean by this is I can throw a baggie in plenty of places but a large mason jar not so much. So what can I use to help with the smell? I plan on using a baby food jar for smaller quantities to carry around, but I have no idea what to use to keep it from reeking. I have some Smelly Proof bags from a local head shop, but will those cut it? I don't wanna plan on using them and then find out they don't work as well as advertised lol.

  2. I've known a couple folks that used TightVac jars, which are a fairly inexpensive option if you're willing to order online ( ) with pretty good results. Its not going to get past dogs, but if you're just worried about parents/roomates/random people, it should work pretty well. Another option would be a 1/2 pint sized mason jar or a similar container that preferably has a gasket around the portion that opens.
    Stash it inside of a PC tower, hollowed out college dictionary, tissue box with a hole cut in the bottom, etc. and be careful not to get any sticky or resin on the outside of the container.
    Scent molecules are extremely small though, so smell will get through eventually, but the more layers you add, the longer it'll take.
  3. yeah tightvacs have good results. your best bet is glass though. two jars to hold an ounce (keeping them separate I assume) shouldn't be that big at all.
  4. Bags won't work even if you use lots of them. The mason jar idea would be the best but i have always put my bags of weed in small soda bottles and it has never failed to keep the smell in

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