Hiding Pot Plants?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by mike1995, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. I have two plants growing and I was wondering is there a way to hide then from like helicopters?

  2. I just put either them into a place with a bush maybe some plants or put some plants around you plant, make it look like it belongs whatever you put it

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  3. If our worried bout 2 plants get spotted by choppers just buy your weed.
  4. paint it black....or camo
  5. Hiding plants? Whats that all about? U cansee my plants from space haha. I would rather the authorities be able to count my plants and see im in compliance instead of them knocking at my door. Thats for sure im all legal nothingto worry about here. As long as ur notgrowinghundreds or thousands ofplants ur fine.
  6. Like RichardDean said as long as you're growing for personal use you should be fine, as long as your spot is pretty safe from people, just plant it around some bushes or something, train it to grow into more of a lowered bush maybe rather than straight up, just make the plant adjust to what looks best in the natural surroundings around it, and if it's in a pot make sure you bury the pot so it looks like it's any other plant in the ground rather than sticking out as a pot with a plant in it 
  7. Yeah unless it's a huge frickin bush they aren't likely to get spotted from a heli, they are mostly used to look for big patches.
  8. I put my girls out back and they spell F U . Just for Leo in the sky
  9. Well if u live in a non friendly mj state w helis overhead daily starting in late july it can be tricky. Rule number one is NEVER on your own property and if you can help it, never on public land. I personally like forest lines and corners where 2 fence rows meet. Plant where theyre in the shade at some point throughout the day. Try to keep em low as possible. Dont leave trash layin around of course. To guerilla grow you got to have balls of steel. Cant tell you how many times ive dove headfirst into a thorn bush to stay out of sight, how many times i thought i was a had lad by either leo or some angry farmer, or how many times i wanted to cry cuz some asshole of an animal ate my shit, or some asshole of a human found my shit. Its a damn crapshoot every year. A million variables to a million equations. The only thing us guerilla growers can do is eliminate all the equations that we can and pray that everything works out. Hope this helps!

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