Hiding Places?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sammi, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. I'm not sure if there is already a thread for this.. But I was wondering if you guys had any good hiding places for your weed? I usually use the inside of a teddy bear, but that's obviously not gonna fly if a cop were to search my house.. so I was wondering if you guys had more creative ideas?
  2. if its alot of weight hollow out some old speakers and just stick em in the corner. no one will know..

    if its smaller

    a box
    guitar amp
    stash can
    many many choices
  3. see- I thought of the guitar amp one, but there is the possibility my roomie would find that

    I like the playstation idea.. I've heard of a few people doing that, I'm pretty sure I can put some in this slot in my gamecube (old school) thats hollow
  4. Lol, just don't be stupid and have a reason to make cops raid your house?
  5. Yea, but there are also my parents and roomates and other visitors that are nosy XD
  6. This may be OT, but: why are cops searching your house in the first place?

    Seriously, this is the second thread on this in as many days, who do people have constantly going through their stuff?
  7. My parents whenever they come over are extremely nosy...

    Does anyone know secrets to hiding the smell?
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    This. Get the most boring book you have, something you know noone would ever pick out between your other books, put the lord of the rings audiobook (or anything similar, music, movie etc), make a cardboard cut-out the size you want the hole to be and a pencil. Now trace the shape onto the book and cut out around 3 pages with nail scissors. Trust me, just stabbing the book with a knife will not work, this takes shitloads of patience, but it´s worth it. If you want to in the end you can glue the pages together, make it more airtight etc, let your imagination flow free. It´s worth it.
  9. to hide the smell get a glass jar from an arts and crafts store then put said jar any place you desire or consider a good spot

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