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hiding place when transporting on foot

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TokinMosquito, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. hey where do you guys tend to keep your bud when walking from the dealers houe or if your taking it somewhere
  2. In a bag in my shoe
  3. in my back pocket :]
    cops aren't going to just randomly come up and pat you down if you're just walking down the street.
  4. I am known to have at least an 1/8 up my ass at all times.

    ...all times
  5. And the reasons to get at your ass just keep increasing!
  6. You can possibly fit a gram between your toes if you have big feet
  7. I have these shoes made by Ipath and they have a stash pocket in each shoe under the tongue that can hold around an eighth in each.
  8. In my hand/pocket or in my joint :hello:
  9. I got some Ipaths myself. I got the rasta jones 2 signature. I like to keep small amounts in there for personal use if I'm going out and I'm the only one smoking. Weed in one pouch, mini glass bowl in the other.

  10. Those are some nice shoes i was looking at those but went with the natural hemp locusts.
  11. Get a little nylon or cloth sack with a drawstring that closes the top. Tie it closed and then tie the string to the button on your boxers, or tie it through a belt loop in your jeans and flip it inside your pants. Its perfect for those just in case situations, and wont fall out of your pocket if you go digging for your cell phone or wallet or something
  12. My pocket.

    If you don't attract attention you won't receive attention.
  13. If you think that your guy might be being watched, always play it safe and tape it to the inside of your leg or inside your underwear so if they feel it they'll just think it's your nutsack. This saved me from getting busted with an onion bag on me leaving my guy's house.
  14. well i usualy keep it taped to my balls. but sometimes i like to put it in my butt :wave:
  15. pocket. The use of which I am smoking in my bookbag.
  16. i buy little smellproof bags from an online headshop and keep the bags in a skullcandy nylon pouch i have
  17. One word

  18. either in my backpack or pocket. like someone said, cops arent going to randomly search you for strolling down the street.

  19. Sure they will. It all depends on the color of your skin, the amount of other people on the streets, etc.

  20. damn i do the exact same thing

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