hiding parafernalia when stoned..

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  1. soooo, has anyone ever gotten rediculously stoned, and then all of a sudden you hear a noise, so you find an ingenius place to hide your piece to come back to later... only to forget about it, go to bed, wake up, and never find it again??? i think i've done it about 3 times in my life... each time my mom or dad found it for me... not the best feeling in the world hahaha:smoking:
  2. Ive done this with lighters, like 3-4 a week. Living at home and smoking sucks...
  3. Omg I was so bad at hiding shit when I was stoned. Putting all my stuff away? Forget about it. I lost shit that was sitting right next to me *shakes head*
  4. I used to do that. Now I just have a few spots I hide things that aren't immediately visible when someone is standing at the door of my room but are within arms reach of my desk.

    Anyone who walks in will see me sitting by my microphone with nothing weed related in sight, but if they walk around my room a bit the will trip over many weed related items.
  5. Oh man all the time. Had to spend hours trying find stuff I hid under things.
  6. Yep. When I was younger (like 15 or so) I was a super newbie. So one night I get high as balls and order a pizza. Then I forgot about ordering the pizza. So the pizza guy comes to the door and rings the doorbell, and I just about lose my goddamn mind. I've got a huge bowl of popcorn and a burning bowl in my hands running to the bathroom to hide my weed. I end up stashing it in my laundry basket and for some reason throwing my popcorn into the laundry too. That was a weird thuling to sale up to the next morning .
  7. For new year's eve I got so drunk I blacked out at about midnight; I wasn't passed out I just don't remember a thing, but before that I remember someone giving me a weed in a plastic pack, one filter, one paper, and one cigarette. When I woke up in my room I found out that I had everything on me but the weed and I'm still asking people if anyone saw what I did with it that night.
    Damn that was pretty good pack and I lost it somehow ...

  8. Haha, ive done that before kinda. whenever I moved into the apartment, I would smoke inside, and I ordered a pizza, and forgot about it. Whenever e came to knock I thought it mightve been the courtesy officer at the apt because hes came up before for noise, and i though I mightve been being too loud or something, so I go rush to hide everything, and dont even answer.

    Then like a few minutes later, I get a phone call from the guy at Dominos saying hes at my apartment but I wont answer, so i finally got to go answer and get the pizza and be relieved :smoking:
  9. All the time. It's a pain in the ass
  10. Yeah I do shit like that sometimes. It's worse when you do it with actual weed though lol
  11. I was high one time and I had a bucket bong in my garage and I kept hearing cars driving down my street, straight past the garage and one stopped right outside and they sounded like cops so I stashed my weed down my pants, picked up the bucket and ran like fuck through my house and out the back over the fence, hid my bucket somewhere and never seen it again
  12. Yes pisses me the fuck off, lost a brand new pack of rolling papers last month still never found it. It makes you see things from a parents prospective if they were to come and search for drugs if you can't find something you hid, your doing it right
  13. I found a pipe I hadn't seen in 4 years. It was taped on the inside of my guitar. Hahaha. And it had a bowl packed in it.

    ~One Love~
  14. woke up with lighter in my pocket i was like wtf
  15. I have a couple places where I keep all my weed stuff, but I have lost the bowl for my bong twice. Once I left it in my bathroom for like a week after cleaning it lol parents never said anything. The other time I dugged and left it in when dumping the water out so I found it in the hedge by the shed.

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