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Hiding marijuana use from your girlfriend?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Time Consumer, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. Does anyone else have this problem?? My girlfriend is so against smoking weed and everything that it entails. I have to hide everything from her. I hate to say this, but I definitely am choosing weed over my girl. Haaa. I'm not asking for advice on the situation, I have it covered. I'm just curious to see others who hide drug use from their significant others?
  2. Honestly dude, if you two can't share the same ideals, it wasn't meant to be. My girlfriends I never have to hide anything from. If they don't like it they can just fuck off!:devious:
  3. I can see where you're getting at, but that's the only thing we don't see eye to eye on. Everything else is pretty awesome. Haha.
  4. Show her "The Union" then hand her a joint.
  5. I recently watched that. My first thought when it was over was, I want to share this with the world. :hello:
  6. Please, stop with this. 'The Union' maybe a good documentary, but we cant keep suggesting the same thing over and over.
  7. If your scared enough to hide it from her, Imagine what she will do if she ever finds out
  8. Until it stops working I do not see why not
  9. It works, man. I showed my parents The Union. My mom went from ex-stoner gone bad (not allowing me to smoke) to being 100% okay with it. It took my dad from "It kills you" to "It's illegal, do what you want when you're out of my house."
  10. I feel the same way that movie is mostly about growing .
  11. You must not be close to her at all haha.

    Me and my girl are so much past the point where things like that bother us.
  12. She won't find out. I'm not open with my recreational marijuana use and I only smoke with people who have the same problem with needing to hide it from someone (girlfriend, douchey anti-drug roommate, etc.).
  13. The last time I was high, I had a highdea.

    The Union basically outlines the development of a stoner. The first part about the history and legality is the "research it phase." The middle section about growing (which happens to be the shortest), is the "ok this sounds fun, let's try it" phase. The last phase about why it's still illegal is the "wow, the government lied to me all this time and is corrupt. I LOVE DE GANJA" phase.

    I think it's truly a great documentary. The bit about growing is just for entertainment to break the monotony of stomping on every government lie.
  14. hide it at first. then slowly lead it on that you smoke. the deeper in the relationship u r with her the more she wont care. trust me. then get her to smoke and she wont hate it. and if she doesnt want to smoke then make brownies.

    and if she still doesnt it wasnt meant to be. NEXT
  15. What Im saying about 'The Union' is that providing research and personally found facts is better than suggesting a movie. For some, just the movie works, but it is much more convincing when the individual shows effort in compiling the facts themselves instead of refering them to work done by others. Plagarism is highly frowned upon in any research and viewed the same when in the discussion with an anti-cannabis person
  16. I seem to have been in a similar situation a few years back. It doesn't work out well. It's not so much it's the weed, it's the lying blah blah blah. It wont work man. But if you won't hear the sensible objections... just treat it as any other situation you can't show up stoned for. Provided that she doesn't live with you, it shouldn't be a huge problem to hide it from her, as long as you're not a major toker or anything.
  17. Haha, yeah. Sounds good. She went from "I hate that you smoke, stop or I'll be mad forever" to "I'm just not into that stuff like you are". So she is warming up a little. I just wanna get to a point where she's okay with it. She doesn't need to smoke with me.
  18. just don't do it in her face or mention it unless necessary, she should come around.
  19. Idk, I wouldn't want to be with somebody who is so uncomfortable of such a natural thing because of propaganda.
  20. if she will break up with you becauseof marijuana, make a choice.
    If she won't, smoke freely.

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