Hiding in plain sight.

Discussion in 'Security' started by ChronicClif, May 9, 2011.

  1. I was wondering If i hid it behind my other planets in my backyard more towards the side of my house would it be noticeable?
  2. do you mean plants?

  3. Only if you dont have nosey neighbors and if thats the case your gonna be fcked during the flowering stage
  4. You could always plead ignorance, but that probably wouldn't work. Also the plants would probably stink up your whole yard and surrounding yards. So if you have nosy neighbors, you're gonna get fucked over.

    I wouldn't do it but that's just me.
  5. How can this question be answered without a layout of the area and an understanding of the social aspects of said area?

    I would never grow outside with neighbors in the vicinity. That's just asking for trouble.
  6. If you're growing a plant, and it's just behind other plants, you're absolutely going to get caught. Imagine the smell of a twenty sack if dank but put it through your whole yard and the yards of your neighbors. And, if you open your windows, your house.
  7. Erm you must have a large yard to have a few planets kicking about. I think people would be more like wtf are planets doing there lol. Seriously noooo dont grow indoors safer, pest free and grow round the year
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^oops Do grow indoors^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  9. I have my plant in my backyard. its not very big yet, Im keeping it in a 1 gallon pot. Using the LST method to keep it low... I have neighbors on all 3 sides of my house. Im hoping nobody will see it, if I LST it good enough, I doubt it will be noticable.

  10. PLANETS :devious:
  11. i think its the funnyest thing ive heard all day lol i mean they look so similar
  12. Id be realy carful as you probibly know it will double in size when it comes to flowering. Dont you have space to grow outside ie a shed or something? Personaly id take it out of the pot and stick it in the dirt to reduce hight a little. Also worth mentioning lowryder plants are great if your doing risky ops i dont sell them yet but will be getting them in soon i want to try them myself lol
  13. If you have a card. Why do you care? If you don't, it just takes one phone call to a cop and he will watch you rip it out of the ground.
  14. Why do you respond to threads that are 2 months old?

    Also, if you're going to post don't be a dick about it.

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