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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by seanthetoker, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. hey gc, I have a question about hiding. I'm leaving to go to college tomorrow so tonight is my last night. I'm going to Colorado state university in foco. I have to fly out there tomorrow morning and I have to hide my pieces. I have a bong, vape, and 3 pipes. I was planning on boxing them up and hiding them deep in my garage or deep in my dads workshop. my dad has never attempted to clean the
    garage or shop. he never used his shop. is this a good idea? If anyone else has had to hide there pieces. please help me out. thank you
  2. Gardening shed, under the floor boards?
  3. ...y no bring pieces to college???
  4. Why wouldn't you bring them away with you? At the very least bring one of the pipes and your vape, the bong might not see that much use in a dorm.

    My parents don't have a problem with me smoking as long as it's not at home, and as long as I'm not blatantly rubbing it in their faces, but I keep my bong hidden in my closet corner inside a Mad Catz FightStick TE box that's standing on it's side and has been there for years, keeps the smell inside too ;) best hiding spot I've ever had.
  5. I was flying to Colorado. I can't bring that shit on a plane.
  6. Colorado's a great state for weed man, I used to live close to FoCo :smoke: but I would say mail them to your foco address, and just get a cheap piece from Mellow Yellow (lhs) til they come.
  7. Yo this might sound crazy but i have boxes that i built and bury on different pieces of land. No one thinks to go diggin for that shit. But to be safe there's no metal on the box or in it( metal detectors). I have one ay my dads with a G-note in it, and one at me an my girls out with a quap in it. Or you could be like my buddy who moved to cali just sell em all and get fresh new pieces in Colorado!! Colorado is dope btw, went snowboarding there, steamboat springs. Everyone is wicked chill there. Denver is flat and boulder is cool too. Goodluck

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