Hiding From Roommates/parents:

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by VulgarZombie, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. I'm just wondering if anyone who is growing without their roommates or parents knowing, can give me some tips or pointers.
    This is my boyfriend and I's first time.
    In our closet in a small nightstand cabinet.
    Main concern is masking the smell, without crazy setups and nothing too obvious.
    I know citrus is a potent smell and is decent, but I need something a little more.
    Any help is appreciated.

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  2. cant get much more disrespectful than growing behind your parents or roomates back, just a dumbass idea really
  3. Imho hiding a grow is just not worth it. The added stress alone would make it unjoyable for me at least. Almost impossible anyway from a roommate esp. Lol at intake/exaust fans running etc... Uhhhhh yeah ok.

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  4. Have to agree, not against you growing, but on disrespectful on the roommate clause. It's also going to be a very risky move even with great stealth. Not saying its impossible, but one accidental harmless incident in a roommate situation can break the perfect stealth box.

    People that share your residence can get you in trouble.

    With that warning in mind, I highly suggest you use the search function in these forums for these items to give you an outline to shape your own plan off - everyone's cabinet is different to fit their surroundings and situation
    1. Choose what you want to grow your plants in. I suggest an organic living soil by making your own(recipes in the organic gardening forum) or try a premade mix from buildasoil.com -this will add stealth by removing the extra clutter and saving the amount of time you need to spend monitoring the plant - ph stays balanced and you don't need to hide bottled nutrients.

    2. Location - this is your own homework that can't be figured out here. The location needs to be fully hidden or extremely inconspicuous, there should never be a reason anyone ever will try to open or investigate the box or location... Or better yet ever see it, or yourselves frequently visiting area.

    3. Do a search for "odor control" browse through and see what people respond with and experiences. You have many, but few options. Few = you need to see if masking the smell with ona or other similar products, or if you're going to use a carbon filter or both.
    Many = shell out good money for quality carbon filters, or try any of the many do it yourself odor control methods.
    You will not mask growing weed with citrus. Do the search above and reward yourself with a lot of useful information, location can also help you decide on odor control decision.

    4. Search "stealth grow" or "stealth box" and get some ideas from other boxes. You'll find stuff that fits your situation from different people

    Good luck, be safe.

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  5. Not worth it, without a proper setup your yields will be disappointing, if you even make it that far. IMO anything less than a real carbon filter and inline fan is inadequate for odor control in many ways. (I'm sure some DIY guys disagree with me, but that's where I stand on the issue)
    Best advice I can give in this situation is to do your own research. Good luck :smoke:
  6. And you fail to realize that the harvest is what stinks the worst.
    Clearly OP and her boyfriend are living with one of their parents so that's even worse than hiding it from a roommate.
  7. Okay, first off, I didn't want opinions about what is considered "disrespectful" or not, I was asking for tips.
    I've known several people over the years who have done what I'm doing and have turned out with pretty good plants.
    Regardless of your opinions, marijuana is still in some people's minds "scary, horrible, bad for you, etc" and given that I have done research, keep up with the movement, and am a marijuana activist, I will do as I please.
    Not everyone can afford to live in their own homes doing as they please, so you have to do what you can. So excuse me while, once again, I ask for TIPS, not OPINIONS.
    If you're here to judge,
    Don't fucking say anything, just leave this thread.

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    Thank you @[member="tenshuu"]

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    Lmao thats not gonna get you anywhere in this forum. Have fun getting kicked out.
  9. I'm not trying to get kicked out,
    But honestly, why so damn harsh?
    You can give an opinion without being a dick.
    But that wasn't what was asked of.
    I guess cuz I'm new at this, and you've been doing this for years, then that makes it okay to downgrade another person's project?
    Not in my opinion.

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    I feel it is when you're so disrespectful that youd rather risk getting kicked out or worse and arent willing to get a job and wait till you actually save up for your own place.
  11. I work two jobs.
    It's not easy in today's society to just save up money for a place.
    Not to mention unlike other people that do live with their parents,
    I do have bills.
    I pay rent, my car note, my cell phone, and my insurance, amongst a few other things.
    I can see how it may come off as disrespectful, but I wasn't asking that of anyone.

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  12. no, its because you want to disregard people who have helped you in order to gain something meager. sure, you can go ahead and be in the wrong, but dont ask us not to call you on it. 
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    Well then I don't know what to tell you. You should've worded your original post different. I'm not trying to be rude but if you had just mentioned you needed something stealth no one would've asked why. I just hate seeing people kicked out for weed.
    I completely understand in this minimum wage world that it is hard. My advice would be to try and go back to school. Learn a trade or something.

    Sorry I can't help further.
  14. Call me on whatever,
    It's still an opinion.
    I'm not disregarding help.
    But it's okay, I got the tips I wanted.
    However next time, I won't ask any of you for anything, I'll continue my research myself, without judgement, and learn from my own mistakes/experiments.

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  15. I try to be nice and you continue to have an attitude. This isn't the forum for you. See ya
  16. I don't think anyone is offering up unsolicited advice in a rude manner. I'm afraid you've gotten some responses and didn't like what they said.

    I'm new to this as well, just went 12/12 on my first set up, but agree you're not in an ideal situation. I'm sure it's possible, but may be more difficult to achieve the desired results.

    You may want to post on the beginners forum and see if you get an bites there.

    Good luck either way!


    You're not kidding about making it in today's world, it's tough. Just keep on and it'll all fall in place sooner or later!
  17. You could shit in the air vents. That'll really mask the smell. :confused:
  18. I just know that a lot of people try their indoor grows out in closets. But if not hiding it from anyone, then why put it in the closet at all?
    My stepfather grew his in a box with foil lined inside, timed lights and ventilation system in the middle of a room.
    That was a long time ago though.
    I figured a small, inconspicuous space was a good start.

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    That wasn't meant towards you @[member="CanadianOrganic"]
    But thanks..

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  19. Thanks @[member="Panic1013"]
    I'm gonna try and do what I can.
    I wouldn't be doing this in the first place if my governor would get his head out of his ass, or if I was lucky enough to live in Colorado or Washington.
    But you get what you're given.

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  20. There's also a sub forum at the top of this page for micro grows. That would probably be helpful

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