Hiding a bong

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  1. I've had a fair few bong hits in my time but I've never bought one because they're kinda noticeable. Anyone got ideas of how I could hide a bong if I bought one?
  2. Hide it in a lego bin. Underneath a dresser, under a bed, in a garage.

    Common sence man. Hide it where people don't look.
  3. Damn I wish I had a lego bin, lol.
  4. Lol, just fucking hide it anywhere man. Like, in a desk drawer, in a closet, anywhere!
  5. Do I need to dress you and wipe your behind, too?:rolleyes:

    COME ON man, it's like hiding anything else. Just hide it where you think no one will look ever.
  6. I keep mine under the kitchen sink or on my dresser behind a picture frame if I'm worried about maintenance or something coming through.
  7. When I had to hide mine it perfectly fit in a Vans shoe box.
  8. Small bong :(

  9. It's amazing though!
  10. This isn't really a way to hide it.. more of a way to disguise it.. but I like to clean it after I'm done using it a put a lampshade on top of it. ;)

  11. thats a awesome idea! lol take the slide out and have it facing the other way so you cant see any holes and put the lampshade on it lol classic

  12. This^ but a variation could be clean it, remove the bowl, put water and fake flowers in it.
  13. you could even mickey rig it and glue the top of a lamp to the shade and actually turn the bong into a lamp when not in use.

    and it's hard to tell you where to hide it, everyone has a stash in a diff. place for diff. reasons. it's really to each his own when it comes to this. just find somewhere you think is good and don't get too crazy with it
  14. get a lamp shade lol, i pull that shit when extended family thats not down with marijuana comes over. i kno its obvious, but i get a kick outta it when they give it a double take.
  15. i keep my bongs in my speaker boxes.
  16. if it wouldnt be an issue, hide it ontop of bacement cieling tiles (if u have) or hide in box mattrass
  17. Haha, I love Vans.. always fresh
  18. My spot is in my empty computer casing, I now use it's monitor as my Xbox screen so my old computer is just laying there =D. [​IMG]
  19. Sucks you gotta fill up the water and pour it out everytime you hit that thing^^^, otherwise nice tube!
  20. Not really. I hid mine like that but upright inside my pc case. Any why would you wanna keep the bong water in there? You must know clean water = tastey hits! :hello:

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