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Hidin the sweet scent

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pepper, May 17, 2004.

  1. I've been smokin for almost 2 years now. I still have not figured out how to really hide the scent, other that getting a new plastic zip-loc bag every few times I smoke, whats the best spray or something to cover up the scent of a pipe.
  2. Its really hard to cover up the smell of a well resinated pipe, but Febreeze is always good, cept it smells like ass till it dries.
  3. Haha, you and i must be the only ones up. Should i spray it on the actual pipe or on the bag, cause i dont wanna inhale febreeze when i'm blazin.
  4. Oh I dont think you should spray it in the pipe, it hazes glass and shiny surfaces really bad. I think I miss read your post, I thought you ment you were trying to cover the smell of smoke on you or something...
    double bag the pipe for more protection against smell... I cant think of anything else.
  5. yeah thats the best thing to do just zip it up maybe spray some febreeze on the desk where ur pipe is hiding but never on it
  6. get some type of airtight case to hold ur b's in

    i have mine in a little fruities candy tin(picked it up at albertsons), holds about 2g's, and is pretty small

    if u can't find a case like this, or want a bigger one, go with one of the altoids like apple or some other fruit flavor(the circular cases)
  7. use tupper wear containers, i used to have a problem of having weed double zip loc'd in my closet and the whole basement would smell, i tossed that shit in some tupperware and all was fine after that

  8. tupperware eh?, I might try that it sounds so logical yet I like the idea of a zip lock bag since u can put a zip lock bag in ur pocket
  9. just put your pipe in a place where people wont come near so they cant smell it. Other than that double bag it!
  10. i used to just wrap this pipe i had in saran wrap like a million times.... covered up the smell prety good
  11. i used to have a plastic container that fit my bowl perfectly (which mysteriously disappeared a few weeks ago, with the bowl in it) and i wrapped it with blue cloth hockey tape, then every week or so i'd spray the tape with cologne, it soaks it up and its airtight so you cant smell the piece inside no matter how smelly it is
  12. axe is a great odor replacer, for smoke on you or your room, etc., most deodorant sprays are
  13. wrap dryer sheets around whatever you have... put them in a bag then wrap it in dryer sheets then put it in another bag... no smell kind of a hassle, but it works if your worried

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