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  1. Hello all from northern Vermont. I have been involved with cannabis in one form or the other for a good part of 22 years atm. Unfortunatley alot of that time was mainly enjoying family members hard work or friends. I am now in up to my shoulders and having a fun time trying to learn all the ins and outs of trying to return the favor to earlier mentioned family members and my wife (she refuses to buy). I am always open minded to new avenues of thought that may make life easier here where i am. I am currently using local skunk seed (proven genetics im told) that has done well albeit one hermie, outa 10 female's. My problem at the moment is i kinda convinced myself that 4 t-5's with the right bulbs would bring the ladies to sexiness, but upon questioning a friend who is light years ahead of me in this process made me aware that hps is more towards fuller flowers. Live and learn i guess. Anyway any and all advice would be great! I wont lie, I dont wanna hook up a light system that will make my house look like i just opened a welding shop though.:D So how's about some good insight on stealth models of hps that really pull there weight sorta speak! thatnks for the site as things here are slow in regards to these subjects! Hope to have long conversations soon! peace!

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