Hide the lights?

Discussion in 'Security' started by Formal, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I have two fans.

    1 in-take
    1 out-take

    Is there ANY ways to hide the light from coming out of the fan?
  2. Light trap. What is the diameter of the intake & outtake?
  3. 2.81 by 2.81 !

    Ah i made my own Light trap as people call it from Cardboard .. and it's black!

    It works perfectly !
  4. That works. I was going to suggest using pvc tubing. Using elbows and a small pvc tube, paint them black and secure it; works great.
  5. Oh yeah i heard about that ! but mines is just black and works perfect and plus made with very little time but thanks for your help !

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