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hide smell from parents and neighbours?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Birdehz, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. i know this questions probably been asked a bunch, but im going to be smoking for the first time soon and im a bit worried bout my parents smelling it. i was thinking just smoking it in my backyard but will my neighbours and parents actually notice it? or am i just being paranoid.. 

  2. maybe keep a rotting fish in your room to cover the smell
  3. smoking outside there isnt any smell, unless you're firing up like a 5g blunt, you're good man. to smoke inside, blow the smoke through a sploof and NO blunts or joints
  4. be cool and casual... but also sit where your most out of sight. and don't hot box<(like me if you have or smoke in a shed)
  5. Point a fan out the window too. I have a ceiling fan, plus one out the window, and a candle or incense and I'm good. Every few days I'll shoot some ozium around to kill any residual, but there shouldnt be any
    Smoking outside is weird. I've never smelled it, but one time my neighbors were hitting some, and the neighborhood reeked (note, it doesnt matter about the smell outside,cuz it disperses and they can't pin it. Only reason I knew it was them was cuz I saw them)
  6. If your bathroom has a window, just blow your smoke out the window, and don't let the bowl cherry. After you're done, spray some body spray everywhere, and take a shower.

    Personally, I don't think you should smoke alone for your first time, because if you don't understand why the weed is making you feel a certain way, you'll want someone by your side, who's comfortable with being high.

    Happy toking! :smoke:
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    That's not exactly true I can't tell you how many times I have walked past someone's house or yard and smelled it. Also my dudes house has a gate to get into his yard and you gotta walk through the gate and turn the corner before you can see the actual yard. But if someone is back there smoking I can smell it as soon as I get to the gate.

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  8. If you smoke in the house just use a bong or a bowl and pack one hit snaps (only what you can take in one hit) then blow the smoke directly out the window. Note make sure the smoke doesn't come back in the window. If you do this correctly you should not need any spray or anything there should be No smell in the house.

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  9. but you're a weed smoker, you're inclined to always smell it, a random neighbour isnt always going to recognize this smell. thats the difference. and if someone recognizes the smells it 90% chance they will not try to investigate about it
  10. I smell a minor. Perhaps 8th grade?
  11. I don't disagree about No one investigating, hell 99% of people probably wouldn't. I was just stating that I think you can smell it outside. I do however disagree about pot smokers being more inclined to smell it. In my experience it is exactly the opposite, non pot smokers are always sensitive to the smell. If a non smoker comes to my house they can always smell weed, even when me or other smokers don't smell it.

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  12. Pssh when the people on the floor above are smoking at my apartment I can smell it from 50 feet away with no wind blowing.

    So yea the neighbors can definitely smell it if the wind is blowing in their direction so I would make a carbon sploof.

    If you can't drive to get the materials for that, then I'm going to go ahead and assume that your 15 and shouldn't be posting here.
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    I would avoid any blunts or joints indoors. Bongs and bubblers can be really smelly. A pipe it's all about how you smoke it, if you inhale all the smoke and blow it out a window, it's different than ignoring the excess smoke and just blowing the smoke out in your room. If you can get a one-hitter, that's always the stealthiest way to smoke weed - the stealthiest ways to ingest it, though, are vaping and edibles.
    As for your neighbors, it depends. Are they sitting in their backyard all day? Are you right next to each other or are there trees or some shit? If you're chill and not having a party with blasting music, then they probably won't even notice.
  14. well i never smell my friends smoking their l so it depends on your nose
  15. Because you also smoke
  16. Marijuana smoke is one of the strongest smells on the planet. Be smart
  17. Ona concentrate liquid + water absorbing crystals = ona gel homemade.

    Good stuff.

    I had a pesron stand in my grow room in full flower once with 15 plants and ask, why cant i smell anything but laundry?


    Sold me on it :smoke:
  18. You will be good bro I toke a lot in the back yard when my neighbor is out having a cig no smell just blow smoke away from you and you'll be golden
  19. I agree with you. One time I was walking in my neighborhood and I was heading up to the park where my friends were at and I was able to smell them and I wasn't even close to them. I kept thinking that I was just tripping myself out but when I saw them they were blazing. The smell travels

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  20. Ok heres how you do it. 
    1st you need to make sure and smoke outside(walk in the park or down the street away from your house is going to be better than backyard), you need to make sure you stand upwind so that the smoke isn't going over you when the wind blows or when you blow out the smoke, when you are done wash your hands and brush your teeth or chew some gum, and last not but not least stay as far away from your parents as possible young one cause if they catch you you are likely in a lot of trouble!
    Good luck and may the force be with you!

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