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Hide my stash!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tristandude3, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. I'm gunna need some suggestions on hiding my stash somewhere. I probobly won't have more than 2 or 3 grams at a time. Please help.
  2. If you have any old remotes or anything, pop the back, take out the batteries and put the weed in there. VCR's are also a good method if you don't use them, and there is a little empty space in the back of the old ps2's that you can pop open. You could put them in the pocket of pants you don't wear.

    The list is endless, just be creative.
  3. if you hav a drum set, inside the bass drum makes for a great place to hide things. also if you have a lava lamp you dont use, take out the light bulb and put it in there.
  4. i once got a hardcover book, glued the outside of the pages together, and cut a big square in the center about 2 inches deep. i kept my pipe, lighters, drops, and weed in there. confines the smell too

  5. thats what i made except a little great
  6. dude we dont know the layout of your house so we can only help you so much in finding a hiding spot, but the best hiding spot would be of course were nobody would think to look, but also you gotta find a place were nobody has a reason to look (ex. dont hide that shit in ur closet if your mom goes in there alot)

    generally the best place to keep it would be in your basement or in a lockbox (they sell like 8 by 8 inch ones at target for $10)

    also if its in your basement and you recently moved to a new house like me you could blame it on the people who used to live here, like i found a shitload of needles and actual heroin/coke/meth whutever so my mom might actually beleive that
  7. what i used to do till i got a 360 lol, was open the back port were the online addaptor fits in. theres enoguh room to hide an ounce in there
  8. sorry forgot to mention this was a PS2 lol
  9. if you have a computer, open up the case and go in there with a flash light and find a nice crevice. just make sure you don't knock any cords loose because if you don't know where it went and you don't know much about computers you're in for a few hours of frustration at the least. if you actually know what i mean by this... i'd suggest putting it somewhere around either your hard drive bay or in the open area that's provided in the case for a floppy drive. if its in your computer and you put it in a nice case/jar it won't smell. also, the average person isn't going to mess with someone elses computer and they most likely won't even know how to open the case. even then, i don't know anyone who rolls over to peoples houses and opens up their computer case haha
  10. cassette slot on a stero. common place is a sock in your drawers
  11. *Wonders if OP is hiding it from mummy & daddy*
  12. I put my stuff in 2 zip lock bags and put it in a coat pocket in my closet. Bout the best place I could come up with.

    Ahhh can't wait to move out... lol
  13. Put it in a pill bottle and find a place in your closet that is easy to access and no one will find.
  14. look in your closet.. there's tons of places where you can just stash it. you just gotta look brah
  15. Take a fatass candle, melt the bottom out, collect wax in something, container, whatever, put weed in hollowed out candle, remelt gathered wax, put it back into the candle, smooth it out with a butter knife. Good for long term storage i would hope, nowhere for the smell to go, no one will ever suspect it.
  16. There is a good compartment up your ass that you can put things in
  17. ahahhahahaha few things make me laugh out loud online but you, made my night:D
  18. Theres so many places, just think of a place where your parents will never look, meaning not in your drawers. A few I have used in the past are the compartments of an old nintendo gamecube, video game cases, for bowls sweatshirts work great, board game boxes( all things i really dont use much anymore).
  19. I have a bunch of paintball pods, I keep my bong, weed, lighters, drops etc all in one, then put it with the pile of the other ones and no one would ever bother with it.

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