hide and go seek?

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  1. ok so this happened when I was around 14 years old..

    Me and my friend wanted some weed so I bought about a little less than
    a half oz of mids. We went to his grandparents house after school because there was no one home than we started getting high ass hell with a can lmao.
    we smoked about 5 bowls next thing we know his mom pulls up.
    after like 10 seconds of running around his back yard in circles tring to figure out what to do. I hop his backyard wall to the front yard and was behind some bushes. his mom and little sister get out the car. and i pop out off the bushes :)
    eyes red as the devils dick and a big ass grin with out thinkin i say "were playing hide and seek":D
  2. HAhahhahaahah Hide and go find your eyes more like
  3. Haha, something like this happened to me when I was 15. I was relatively new at smoking at the time. A huge group of my friends and I had just finished smoking way too much in the woods and we realized we had to be at my friends house at 10 and it was like 9:30 or something and the house is like 30 minutes away.

    Were walking the long walk back through a field and myself and my friend somehow don't keep up with the rest of the group and end up getting ditched before we make it to the neighborhood. We make our way through this shortcut through the woods and low and behold we end up in the neighborhood having no idea where to go.

    So we make like 5 wrong turns and end up on the opposite side of the neighborhood to where we need to be. Were walking down this street and we see headlights behind us, so naturally I ran because I was stupid and new at smoking. We made it over the curb and ended up trying to hide in this tall grass. So we were sticking out of the 2ft grass and the guy pulls his car so the headlights face us and says something like "what the fuck were you doing on my property."

    I was confused as fuck because we were on the road and not his property. So naturally I said we weren't on your property we were just playing hide and seek. Probably the most retarded thing I've ever said.

    Regardless, the event was just scary as shit and we made it to my friends house like a half hour late and his mom is sketching as fuck and we all ended up getting caught because my friend and I got ditched.
  4. Yeah hide and go seek is the SHIT! Fu*k those douche bags that think "I'm too old for that,i don't want to look silly" Grab your nuts and play Bi†ch!

    Me and a group of friends went to walmart and play hide and go seek and it was pretty fucking fun. That feeling you get went you see the person who seeking you and you try as hard as you can to not make a sound or draw attention...:yay:... I love it :p
  5. haha yea I was just barly starting to smoke when that happend lol
    his mom knew right away what we were doing but she ended up not caring
    so much.
  6. hahaha thats hilarious
  7. I played hide and go seek in gradeschool as well.

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