Hide a Hookah?

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  1. Hey all,

    I need your guy's help with ideas on hiding a Hookah. I'm going to buy one soon and i need to have a place to hide it. it is 29" tall, but i can take it apart. but i would still need about 17 cubic inches of space to hide it in. any ideas?

    PS: im looking around the house right now and if i find any good places i'll share them.:D
  2. I don't know about you, but my intestines are longer than 29" :D
  3. Lol, good idea... but I'm not the kind of person that does disapearing acts in browntown. lol:eek:
  4. You are 18+? why you tryin to hide a hookah
  5. Put a lampshade over the top and glue a cord coming out from the bottom and call it a lamp.
  6. Believe it or not a lot of 18 year olds live with their parents. Believe it or not a lot of parents don't condone smoking weed. Believe it or not it seems like your just looking for somebody to claim is under 18.
  7. I always hid mine in my golf bag. aint no thang.
  8. haha

    OP: just hide it in a box. Mine came with one and it works perfectly.
  9. He's just trying to keep the City clean, man.
  10. haha i understand, but it's almost like a witch hunt at times.
  11. get a full tower computer case. gut the whole thing and put it in there. you will probably have to take the top part off the vase but it would fit
  12. I convinced my dad that the bag it is in is a gym bag. Haha it is just a small little thing that fits the hookah perfectly. Long and skinny (don't even go there). He called BS but then i opened it and the clothes that I had swapped out for the hookah which were actual gym clothes caused my dad to vacate the immediate vicinity. He doesn't open the bag anymore.
  13. Hookah meaning tobacco use. weed wasnt mentioned.

    not all parents condone tobacco use.

  14. annnnnd you fail

    he posted this in the General Marijuana News from around the world forum

    oh and by the way this is a pot forum :rolleyes:
  15. Put it in your car in a bag or case? Thats what I do
  16. That was an awfully defensive reaction. Lol.
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    Don't buy a hookah...

    Get a small bubbler or bong. How does this fall under 'General Marijuana News From Around The World'?

  18. Get it a case or make one for it. Then put that somewhere that nobody is likely to go. Preferably put a lock on it. I don't know your house, but you should be able to find a place somewhere. I just keep my stuff in my desk drawer under some other shit and with a couple of dryer sheets to make it smell nice. :) I don't have a great bit hookah to hide though. :p

    Look around your place a try some things out.

    I'm 19 and I still have to hide my shit.
  19. thanks!
  20. lol, good idea...

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