hidden powers of our brains. part 2

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Digit, Jun 13, 2003.



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  1. do we all poses the potential to be telekinetic?
    to have the power to manipulate matter and energy with only our minds?

  2. nix, no way.

    have you been watching too much star wars? it's fiction you know. the "force" is not real :D
  3. there are many similaritys between the force and karma. heck, there's even similarities with quantum mechanics!

    "it's fiction you know"

    i know. so is the bible for the most part... that didnt stop people making a religion out of it. :D

    the force is real though. its just not really like it is in the films.
  4. I posted a belief in that an unconcious telepathy is possible, but I haven't seen anything to lead me to believe in telekinesis, yet. It would be an awesome thing to have, but I don't think it exists.
  5. i'm not really that sure that the potential is in all of us, but i know that i have the potential. this was an area i encorporated sometimes to my meditation after realising the possabilities from going to reikei (spelunked wrong?) healing sessions. i was told that i had "alot of energy". I now realise that i can create heat on another person, beyond the heat of normal body temp from basically doing the same thing that reikei masters were doing to heal me. In my meditation i now concentrate on increasing the flow of energy through my hands and fingers. initialy i used the sensation of my pulse though the tips of my fingers as a guide to both the level of my focus & concentration and to what extent i was managing to focus the energy flow increase. i now try to create an energy "ball" between my hands, with my hands possitioned much akin to what ken & ryu do in Street Fighter2 the animated movie. :D
    this is manipulation of energy. i'm a long way from manipulation of matter to the point where i can move things at will.
  6. i'm sorry, but i have to tell you that this is all psychology. you, and your fellow "believers" think it's true, and thus you make it so. there is nothing supernatural happening.

    all independent test have shown this to be bogus. not to say that force of mind cannot overcome some physical phenomens. like buddhist munks through meditation can overcome extreme cold. but that is something different, not supernatural, merely the abily to ignore pain and increase bodyheat through mental powers...

    your mind is more complex than you might think, and to mistake some of it's function as supernatural is understandable, but not real.
  7. its all the power of the mind. what else would you think i meant?

    i'm not suggesting theres anything supernatural going on. i'm saying that this is simply the forgotten/ignored natural abilities within us all.

    "all independent test have shown this to be bogus" can you back that up by examples? I have seen a few tests, such as extra sensory awareness tests that prove convincingly that we do percieve things through more than just sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Also, what of all the people who experience benifits from reikei? are you to tell me that it is mearly the minds ability to heal itself psychologically? and what if i were to tell you that there are those who have reported remarkable reversals in conditions when they were unknowingly recieving treatment? ...so, i would like you to back up your claim that "all" independant tests have reached the same conclusion when the scientific world that i exist in hasnt been able to completely prove or disprove any of this.

    you say "believers" in a way i find quite inapropriate when discussing uhh.. me.
    i am open minded to all the possabilities, navigating my way through the probability of each based on the facts and the evidence.
    maybe i could call you a "non-believer" on this topic?
  8. I think that the energy ball type thing is totally psychosomatic. My dad and brother take small circle jujitsu and I've gone to a few seminars with them. One guy that helps teach them jujitsu believes in faith healing and Chi and all that. He said as a test he hit someone with a Chi ball and they said they were sore the next day where it supposedly hit. He tried to prove to someone else at the seminar that Chi existed and you could manipulate it or gather it in your hands. He walked this guy through the steps of what he needed to do and think. As he walked through the steps, I didn't do the steps, but when he said the guy's hands should feel warm, mine felt warm. And when he said they should be cool, mine were cool again. It all happened without me following the steps leading me to believe he's tricking himself into believing something and does intricate steps simply to delude himself. Sorry Digit, I don't think your reikei works to do anything but control your mind.
  9. "I don't think your reikei works to do anything but control your mind."

    well yeah. thats true (mainly). i'd say about 80% of it is simply mind over matter, or the placebo effect.

    but that doesnt account for people describing things happening (sensation of heat, improvements in medical conditions) when they have absolutely no knowledge of it being done to them. its whats know scientifically as a single-blind test.
  10. i believe in a lot of things people would think is mumbo jumbo.

    im not so positive the world is so concrete and orderly as everyone is led to believe. i think alot of interesting stuff happens when noones around.

    I wish I could simoutaneously (hahah, butcher job) watch every inch of the globe, even for just a second, to get an idea of everything going on.

    Im sure brains have the power of telepathy and telekenesis, all that kind of stuff. Just think, if your brain can produce its own electric current, why want it move the electricity around, and move something else, afterall, electricty is just moving electrons, maybe the brain could start a snowball effect to move something much much larger.

    If i can move my arm with a thought, why cant I move a spoon. the spoon may not be attached to me, but through the air and my skin bones and brain, i am still connected to it, therefore i should be able to control it just like the molecules of my body.

    Your a smart man from what I can see Digit, and I wouldnt doubt your abilitys for a second. with some years of practice and some intense meditation, I say youll cook eggs in the palm of your hand one day, you just got to practice ;)
  11. *digit goes to the fridge*
  12. call me closeminded if you wish, but sofar i have not seen any evidence of "telepathy" or related superstitions been proved true in any form or matter.

    i have howevwr seen quite a few hoaxes and exagerations (spelling?). all those do is so called cold reading.

    let me ask you this, if some people are clairvoiant, why the hell aren't those millionaires playing on the stock exchange. or horses. or whatever.

    Simple answer is, they don't know shit.

    same with telepathy, does not exist. simple and easy. there is no supernatural connection between humans. all we got to work with are the kind of communication we do already, like speech and wrtitten word.

    and quatum mechanics won't make it work. it really doesnt'
  13. i've never seen any proof of it either. but in the complete absence of any proof against it, i'm still open to the possability.
  14. everyone can bend or move things or contort them with their mind. you have to have total control of your self and total control of your mind and nerves. its possible just like its possible to lift someone off the floor with two fingers or to have an out of body experience. it just takes pratice
  15. i dont know which side to take both sides have good points... but i think that asumming u could control anything out of th e body dosnt seem logical... possibly inside.....so so continue in this vast and educational debate......

  16. stay in the middle.

    ;) its much safer... and wiser. :D

    hippie J....

    .... damn.
    .......... now thats what i'm talking about.
    you werent trying to, your thoughts werent clouded by the misconceptions of what can and cannot be done, your brain just gave the commands to pick up the pen, or rather, to have the pen in your hand...
    ...... quite stunned and impressed.
    ...i bet George Lucas experienced similar things before he wrote starwars. :D

    mind over matter, quantum manipulation, telekenisis, the force, whatever other name you wanna make up for it...
    .. its out there and we can tap into it.
  17. i tried to do it again today, but cant. i think its like a subliminal thing, like you cant want to do it, it just kinda happens. i gotta lay down.
  18. telekinesis is possible. but here is a thought. you know how sometimes, us humans who are more in tune with our thoughts, can have a glimpse of a future premonition type thing? ok well just work with me...

    well if we can see that, maybe it is because like the future is a thing/person/soul, that we can communicate with, and it is trying to let us know, but we are all too tiny brained or whatever to understand.

    uno mas thought--- so we use like what 12 percent of our brain... well what if like when the part of our brain that we are using gets too used up(think farming crops, and soil gets bad or somethign, like that) so what if your functioning part of your brain switches to another area, and that causes your whole perspective on life to change. maybe that is whatever they are trying to call evolution. i don''t know. any ideas? it would be appreiciated.
  19. the brain doesn't get "used" up. comparing the brain to soil-nutrients is like comparing apples and oranges. except it's not even that similar. the brain either works or it doesn't.

    you're either normal or mentally handicapped. that said, the brain can suffer damage, but to make that happen you need either blunt force or a sharp object to pierce through the skull. oh, and some diseases and drugs also damage the brain.

    that *can* alter "you", as in you might define yourself differently as other parts of the brain are required to take over functions in areas that are damaged. it might also just make you dumb. like dubya who poisoned his brain with alcohol and cocaine :)

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