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"Hidden" penalties in decriminalized states

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Maurice, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Soon I'm going to be attending college in a state where MJ is decriminalized. I'm an academic scholarship holder at said university, and their (very strict) policies on substance abuse would lead me to believe my scholarship would be in jeopardy with even one marijuana related offense though there is nothing specifically mentioned about it in the rules.

    Their policy says they may revoke federal scholarships and need based aid granted to anyone on even a first time marijuana offense, and a second offense merits suspension therefore a permanent adultery of my academic record . Given the severity of their policies I'm not comfortable asking anyone official at the university about their policy on private, merit based scholarship holders. Until I arrive on campus and get to know people, I'm sort of stuck wondering about this and other hidden punishments in "decriminalized" states.

    Will a marijuana related civil offense follow me throughout my future / career?
  2. Well, if it's decriminalized it doesn't go onto your record, does it? If it doesn't, I don't think you have a lot to worry about. If it's decrim'd you wont be getting arrested or anything for it, just a ticket. I would think that you could just handle it privately without your school ever even finding out
  3. That is what I thought too, but apparently the school has it's own police force linked to that of the surrounding city, so if you get caught by a real asshole (someone doing his job to the letter) he'll send the report right to the school's PD even if you're caught off campus.
  4. ^^ wow this world really is fucked up.
  5. Most likely that was not updated since marijuana became decriminalized in that state. If its decriminalized chances are you would only receive a ticket which may not get reported to your school I think they can handle that privately.
  6. I went to an orientation where they specifically stated that the regulations had been updated since the decriminalization had passed. They also have the same penalties for Salvia Divinorum which isn't even a controlled substance in the state !
  7. Lol decriminalized doesn't mean legal!

    Idk the specifics of your state, but in Canada weed has been decriminalized for a long time and if you get caught with weed on a first time offense you can face anywhere from a fine to 6 months in jail.

    A friend of mine was arrested for an oz when he walked by a security guard or somethig and he could smell it and called the cops. 2weeks + probabtion + huge fine

    Although most cops don't care about weed at all here, there are a few jerks. He was kind of unlucky.

    Dont get too careless, you could easily be expelled for it.
  8. I honestly wouldn't risk losing a scholarship/my education over smoking some weed. Just be careful if you decide to smoke.
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    Dude decrimed means it's not illegal or legal.

    You can't get punished for possesion but it's not legal.

    Decrims stupid.
  10. In a decriminalized state it's a petty offense for possesion. A petty offense is just like a parking ticket. They wouldn't see it if you got caught with weed.
  11. its illegal federally and if your receiving federal funds they can be taken away
  12. You should be fine. But be wary of situations like NY. Possession of 7/8 of an ounce or less is a $100 fine and no record. But... If they stop and search you and you pull any amount out of your pocket, that is "MJ in public view" and they can lock you up. Max is 3 months and $1000 fine I think. So keep it in your pocket no matter what. If they want it, they can get it themselves!

  13. Coming from a Vancouver dispensary patient, trust me, it's not decriminalized in Canada. It's currently disputed, but still 100% illegal as far as the books are concerned. The majority of law enforcement officials operate on a policy of non-enforcement outside of extreme cases - i.e. if you're sitting on the playground of a school smoking a joint while kids and parents are around you're probably getting arrested, but you're probably safe if you're on your porch) - but there are still plenty of hardliners out there. Even here, best policy is to only smoke on your own property, and make sure your neighbours aren't freaks who are going to call the cops so much that they eventually show up just to give dispatch a break.

    For the OP, dude, just give them a call. You don't need to tell them who you are or that you're on a scholarship. Just talk to admissions and say that you're a cannabis smoker who is considering attending and you'd like to know how their campus policies mesh with the current legal climate. They're not gonna do a voice analysis and revoke your scholarship. Use someone else's phone if you're worried about them matching the number to your application.

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