Hidden Entrance Ideas.

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  1. So I am working on my future grow room, and I (for reasons I am assuming are likely obvious) need to ensure the entire room is well hidden. That said, I am working on some ways to disguise the entrance and I wanted to get some feedback.
    1) My first idea is to build a small platform that would hold a full size refrigerator (think a 8" riser). then if I make that riser and the "wall" behind it a single unit (using a steel frame behind it to make it strong but keep the size down), I could place a refrigerator on it. The entire platform could be mounted on some linear ball bearings on the wall (low profile, very strong), which would be hidden behind a swinging false wall. Then to open the room you would just swing the false wall flat with the other wall and slide the refrigerator (which would be functional btw) and walla... instant access. I can't imagine anybody would ever guess it was there.
    2) The standard sliding/swinging bookcase trick. A classic, but it is so overplayed.
    3) False wall panel hidden behind fake moulding. I have seen this before but I think it would be odd if my house only had fancy moulding in "the hallway".
    4) One idea I could use is to install a hidden door in my attic. The area where I am building it could easily be accessed via a small staircase from the attic, which would make it totally impossible to find unless you knew where it was (slide a couple of boxes on it, no light leakage. Problem would be that it would be a bit more difficult to move things in and out of the room... but after the initial setup there shouldn't be too much that would be coming in and out, other than sweet buds and containers of nutrients... the room has a dedicated water supply, drain, electrical, storage, etc... Growing hydroponics, so no soil. Cloning unit is in the work room.
    Anyway... any thoughts? Looking for interesting, creative, yet very sneaky ideas. I figure if I'm gonna do this I might as well be all James Bond like.


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