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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by skully, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. im curious to know if i should be using 2 seperate hps bulbs thru a grow (1 for vegging and 1 for flowering)or is it safe to stick with just 1 bulb.i just dont know if come flowering time whether or not the lumens have decreased..

    just trying to figure out better ways to grow weed..i think i almost enjoy growing it more than i do smoking it:) it gives me some kind of satisfaction and peace with nature
  2. unless you want to buy another bulb i wouldnt do it unless you are using a normal hps they are alot cheaper than high dollar bulbs my 400 watt mh cost me $70 the hydro man said it should last a year at 12/12 hope this helps good luck
  3. my 250 hps bulb only costs me $15 from insidesun.com i also got my hps there.
    i was told to switch it after each grow because i use hps for vegging and flowering.im just thinking if i might get a bigger and better yield if i switch off thru veg and flower
  4. use it for more than that i would say at least 10,000 hrs or what ever the life is after the bulb life i believe the lums fall below 75%
  5. so you think i should stick with the same bulb then?
  6. Weed sells for 10$ a gram on the street. Do yourself a big favour and listen to the guy who sold you the light at Insidesun. Why take a chance. Even a 25% decrease in production can be a lot more costly than the price of a new lightbulb.Imagine getting75 grams instead of 100. At 10 $ a gram that's 250$ in lost production,for each crop. Go spend the 30 bucks man!!!! PEACE!!!!!
  7. lamps last ages. i keep mine atleast 6mths veg and bloom. when i get a new lamp i keep the old 1 as a spare. some ppl use the new lamps 4 flower and the old 4 veg but im 2 lazy so i just leave the same 1 in all the time.
  8. i changed my grow room around so that i have floro's for veggin and HPS for flowering and i have really noticed the speed of the begging in comparison to just HPS. and its cheaper than the HPS in cost of lamps and electricity.
  9. do you guys think my old bulb would be sufficient for my next veg?and i'll buy a new bulb for flowering
  10. Remember you really only need the high , really high lumens for flowering. Personally I veg. with 2500 lumens of fluoros per square foot. Growth is amazing. They come out finished as 26 in. tall bushes. It is a good idea to veg with the old bulb and flower with a new one. Remember you are after big budweight,not tall plants.You need the extra lumens during flowering to make your buds bigger and more dense.If you replace your bulb after the stated life then you can lose a lot of lumen output.Less lumens=less buds.PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. i could see 1 bulb per season but not one for veg then another for bud if you plan on differant bulbs for veg/bud i would invest in a enriched specturm bulb for budding if one is avalilble for your lamp/wattage hope this help good luck with whatever you do
  12. I'll go with a new bulb for flowering then.
    Thanx all

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