HID Lighting and "Rules of Thumb"

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    Hi Grass City! It's been awhile. :wave:

    When I first found The City last September I did a ton on research on HID lighting. I already had a 400w MH light and I wanted to educate myself on HPS lighting. After a ton of research here I went with a 600w HPS...

    My grows since coming here...

    1. 4 plants - Yield 6 zips (Seedsman White Widow)
    2. 9 plants - Yield 8.3 zips (Various)
    3. 9 plants - Yield 8.3 zips (Seedsman White Widow)
    4. 9 plants - In Progress (Nirvana White Widow)

    Whoa! See the problem here? For months now I've been trying to see if 10,000 lumens per plant is the more efficient rule of thumb rather than the 100w per plant rule of thumb. Based on my first and third grows it looks like there might be a substantial drop off in lumens. My bulb is allegedly 95,000 lumens

    I just finished the third week of 12/12 on my 4th grow and put in a new bulb. If my yield per plant on this gets anywhere near the yield per plant on my first grow I'll be very happy and will replace the bulb after EVERY grow!

    I'd love to see a graph on this bulb as far as lumens loss over a years time but I could almost draw it myself I think. I suspect a substantial loss after the first 8 weeks but that it probably levels off after that above 60,000 giving you the "safer"100w per plant (rule of thumb). lol

    Anyway, this is pretty specific to 9 plants/600w HPS but I'll know more after about 3 more weeks one way or the other

    Note: All of these grows are within a 3'.6" x 3'.6" foot print. Yet one more rule of thumb ;)

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