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  1. Hey i need to know which kind of light ill be needing to grow.. im currently using 4 cfls but it isnt doing much plant is very small for 1 month old

  2. Hps is a type of hid lighting, so those are the same.

    Cfls are too slow in my opinion. T5 ho lamps are better but still not as good as an equal wattage of hps or mh. All other things the same, better light means faster growth
  3. This is my first attempt as well and i decided to go straight LED's a couple different brands.  I went from 3 inches to 12 inches in 10 days under blue led for veg.
  4. The cfl's will do good for vegging just keep them close to the plant but I would recommend at LEAST a 150watt HPS or Metal Halide for about 2x2 area during the flowering cycle. 150watt is not the best if your growing more than 1 plant though but For one plant it will do the job def with the cfl's for extra lighting to the nugs not getting much light on the bottom portion of the plant.
  5. From what your saying I think your overlighting your plant just a bit and it's stunting it's growth. It's good to have lights but not too much light on a single plant. Use a good CFL for Vegging and when your ready to bud, switch to 1-2 HPS' on both sides of the plant with a 12/12 light scale. Happy budding.
  6.  Huh? Pretty much don't agree with any of that.
  7. read the stickies...plenty of cfl guides to help ya out
  8. Worked pretty well for me when I tried it.
  9. HPS is HID. High Intensity Discharge bulb, also refers to MH, Metal Halide, it's just the bulb type.

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