Hiatus is over.

Discussion in 'General' started by EuDxKing, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. I have been gone for quite a while.
    Had A LOT of things happen in my life, that changed me for (what i think)* the better.
    Just wanted to say, i am glad to be back in the city.
    It is beautiful.

    Where are the old heads?
  2. people have just kinda been disappearing, OSG is gone, AFD havent seen him in a while, Anony got banned

    droppin like flies

  3. AFDs banned, and shit I didnt know Anony is banned?!

    OSG's gone, yeah.

    Welcome back bro:wave:
  4. Yeah, ive noticed.
    Did AFD end up going to prison?
    Burnttwaffle? what happened to him?
    I'm just glad to be back.
    Ready to contribute a bit.
  5. Burnt' has been gone for awhile now, I dontknow the reason though.

    AFD went to prison yeah, and he got out a couple months back.
  6. OSG is gone?!!?

    Nice to see ya back, King. Tell us about what the hells you been doins!
  7. Damn.
    Thats crazy.

    Well....whats new in the city now-a-days?

  8. Same ole thing, drugs, violence, trolls hiding under bridges. You know.
  9. Thanks, man.
    Hear your having a kid. Congratulations!

    Ive been dealing with simple shit.
    Graduation, starting college, working, smoking, chillin.
    You know.

    Things have been going pretty good lately.
    I think its my new perspective of things though.

    whats new with you?
  10. what's your new perspective on things?
  11. Just realized a lot about the world, and how its run. About where my life is headed, and how i am going to deal with it. To stop looking at things in a negative way.

  12. i've got to stop doing that. it's just so hard because the world really isnt a positive place
  13. It really isnt.
    So i look at it as my duty to try and make it as positive as possible.
  14. Anyone know why AFD got banned?
  15. Out with the old blades in with the new.
  16. What up homie.
  17. Don't worry dude, I'm still here and as awesome as ever.:ey:

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