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  1. I was offered coke at a party last night. I said no, I'll smoke this joint instead.

    And they say marijuana is a gateway drug :rolleyes:
  2. Cool story hansel.
  3. [ame=]YouTube - Bubbles is Fucking High (TPB)[/ame]
  4. Son you better get back on the court

    We got a game to win
  5. I was offered coke at a party last night. I said no thank you, I prefer pepsi.
  6. howdy and great choice not partaking in the yayo.. mad props
  7. You missed out on a good time.
  8. You refused FREE coke?!?!?!
  9. i woulda done it, no lie
  10. I would've refused it too. I don't want anything but weed.

  11. Wow. :eek:
  12. Pussy.

    just kidding, to each their own! :)
  13. i was walking down the my dorm hallway last night and heard someone say very loud "yo does anyone wanna do another line with me?"

    i could only imagine what would have happened if a RA or campus popo was walking by at that moment. fucking retards. prob the same kids who ripped a sink off the wall and cost everyone in the hall $500 to replace it

  14. If it was you and your friends smoking a joint you wouldn't be thinking that. Oh the irony.

  15. what? i dont follow. what wouldn't i be thinking?

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