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  1. :)
    I just wanted to welcome you too!

    I enjoy this site and the people that come here. I don't often "post" but I enjoy reading what others write.

    Enjoy your time here! :eek:
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  2. not sure who you are welcoming with that post viki.

    so welcome to you, and have fun.
  3. welcome. stay and have fun. thats what this site is about.
  4. Welcome, Viki. We really have to do another census on the site. I wonder what the male/female ratio is now!
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  5. Well, guess what??? I don't remember now who it was I was replying to!! LOL!! Hummm!

    But thank you for the welcome.

    I am enjoying this site and am finding that the more I visit the longer I stay.

    I have high hopes that someday people will not be afraid of pot or I guess I should say, someday people will realize the benefits of pot and not adhere to the biased beliefs of those people who are ignorant on the good that it can do. I feel that it has gotten a bad "rap" and that someday ALL people will realize that it's not the pot that is the culprit that teases people into trying other drugs, but that in reality it is the people themselves.

    This site is doing a great job in helping people be more aware of what is happening
    in the world (concerning pot!) and bringing enlightenment to those of us who otherwise would be ignorant.

    Thank you!

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