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  1. Hi everybody, I´m not gonna hang around here for so long.
    I´m here to find out how dangerous Hash/marihuana is compared to alcohol.
    So if anyone got a link to some statistiks, or anything like that, please tell me.
    The reason why i try to find out how dangerous this brown stuff is, is because my brother and one of his friends has just begon to smoke it.
  2. from experience i feel marijuana isnt as bad as alchol, but marijuana also opens the gates to trying other drugs. it can get very addicting, but so can alchol. so its really a pick and choose situation. talk to your brother about it. dont have him smoke very often, and keep him away from other drugs, but other than that i think marijuana is better than alchol. so good luck!
  3. My brother who is 3 years older than me(!!!:D), never have had any probs with smoking neighter, and he has not just begun smoking, he have been doing it for 3 years!!!.
    And he is intilligent enough to not experiment with all kinds of weird things like amfetamin or speed or things like that.
    But my mother freaked totally out when she found out that he had been smoking(she is smoking normal cigarettes herself and that´s propably more dangerous)
    she is kinda old school, and my brother is totally pissed off, i would be that too if i was being yelled at just because i smoked a bit of hash.
  4. than what is ur problem here dude? u sounded all like bothered in ur first post. if he's been smoking let it be, if he's smart enough to not do other shit than good for him, but a lil mary jane wont kill anybody

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