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  1. Hey everyone, I'm new :) I'm a stoner chick from Vancouver, BC, and I've only been smoking for about a year, and only seriously for a few months, so I'm still a bit of a noob.

    This site is awesome, and it's great to be here!
  2. Yo welcome
  3. Welcome to the forums. Relax, take a toke, and enjoy the comedic routine of late-night stonerisms...:smoking:
  4. Haha, thanks, I plan to. 'Bout to top off my wake-n-bake with a lunch time toke right now.
  5. Great to have you here. Hows it smoking in BC?
    The only part of Canada I have been to is Montreal and it was SICK!
  6. Great to be here!

    BC is great, man, especially Vancouver. You can always find a dealer and the shit is good. The cops barely care as long as you're not selling. Almost everyone I know has smoked/does.
  7. Lunch time toke ? Oh yeah time difference duh!
  8. Haha, yeah. It's 1:40 here.
  9. Quarter to 10 here bug out
  10. Woah, man. That's wicked in a trippy kind of way.
  11. Or trippy in a wicked kind of way...
  12. Haha, that too.

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