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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by a l i c i a, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. Im Alicia. Im 21. I live in Georgia. Im bored. I got a new puppy for Christmas. her name is Margo. She's a basset hound. I have a crush on DIY, crafts, art, photography, culinary arts, poetry, reading and writing, music, thrift stores, marijuana, grass city, weird websites, nudity. film. Rock n roll. drugs. Sex. and my new kick your ass boots.

    I need friends to talk about the above subjects. Send me messages, pleeeease?

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  2. welcome to the city.. We have alot of folks around here that love those things..
  3. Welcome to the city :D
  4. Welcome to the city hunny :)
  5. Hey alicia, i used to live in Savannah myself. Ever been around there?
  6. I knew a boy named billy that lived in savannah. He looked like Elvis.

    Hi everybody. Thanks for giving me a warm welcome :)

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  7. My lil sis' name is Alicia. LOL. But welcome to the city. I love poetry and I write here and there.........alot of mine are about my love affair with ganja. But welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay here at the city. There are some great people around here.

    Peace and love.............
  8. Thanks flower child! Maybe we can chat sometime? Your sister spells her name alicia? Thats cool.

  9. Welcome to the City....Hope you enjoy your stay!

    Toke On!
  10. Toke on i will :)
  11. I'm reintroducing myself because i haven't been on this site in -forever-. Sorry for the neglect. hi. I'm alicia, in douglasville georgia. <3

    PS: See F 911, the people need to know.
  12. Yep welcome back to the city. We missed yah. :)
  13. hey sup welcome back i gues.
  14. High Alicia! Beautiful name & picture. Wink

    I'm 21 too and ALSO have a huge crush on Art, music, Entheogens(Drugs), and Nudity!!!
    I act crazy most of the time & laugh all the time at things that arent funny to most.

    I live off of music for insight into my pieces (Art), but sadly I've been working to much, so my personal projects have been put on the back burner... I just hope I don't get burned.

    Anyway, if your interested in listening to some obscure music. Check this label out!!!! www.adifferentdrum.com They have some great samples to download!

    I don't know if you've heard of NewWave, but I have been addicted to this genre for years! I might need some rehab because It's altering my whole perception of life. hahaha I wake up everyday wondering if I awake because life is just so peculiar to me!!
    It's just MIND BLOWING, MAN!!!! hahaha

    Tell me how you made out?

    Peace and Humility


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