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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Brainrape, Oct 19, 2001.

  1. Hi. It's me, from yahooka, most of you guys remember me, right? I got sucked in by smokinokie's fucking subliminal messages...


    I know that I am comparitivley quite young and all, and I have different tastes (namley Ecstasy, Heroin etc etc) and I don't quite have the Mellow Stoner credentials that only time can stamp onto your soul, but...

    I really like reading all of your posts, because they give me a unique insight into things I don't have any experience with and hopefully one day I can use the knowledge I scavange from your posts to positivley effect my own situation, you know, when I do that growing up thing... (marrige, kids, life in general... :)

    I won't post much, partly because I love my Yahooka so much, it hurts me to betray her even to this small extent, but I will stop by to check out your posts from time to time, as I enjoy and learn from them so much...

    Later folks, have fun...


    PS- :)
  2. Brainrape, don't feel so guilty about betraying a discussion board. It's not alive, it has no feelings to hurt. Hell, I'm finally glad to see you here. I've missed seeing your posts.

    Also, anybody that loves to smoke a big J, and cruise down the country roads listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival has got all the credentials to be a mellow stoner in my book. That's what I'm going to be doing at 4:00 this afternoon and all weekend long.

    Glad to have you here! BPP
  3. [​IMG]
    It's good to see you here!

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  4. I didn't come from Yahooka, I came from *nowhere* but I am glad you could make it. I agree ~ anyone who likes to spark a J and rock to some Creedence (or Tool or ANYTHING at this point), you belong!

    Anyway hope you find grasscity worth all of smokinokie's subliminal messages :)
  5. Glad to see you made it here. This board works all the time. At least it has for me. I think you could offer alot to this board.
    Welcome and keep on coming back.

  6. Hey...look around,,it looks more like yahooka every day(as far as members are concerned)enjoy it,, don't feel like a traitor,,yahooka needs an upgrade,,we all know that so we wait...someday maybe lunaria will figure it least we hope...peace

  7. Hell yes!

    Proud mary keep on burnin'!!!

    Thanks for stoppin' by, brainrape. (Love that name!)
  8. welcome. when i first read your name on this thread I thought it was braindroppings (George Carlin's book) I can't do anything right in the morning :p
  9. Hi man,

    Good to see you. Just wanted let you know you have another friend here.

  10. HOLY SHIT!

    You mean that subliminal thing worked?

    I'll be back later. I gotta go try this some more!

    Welcome Brain. How's my fav little E-head gettin on these days? Hope you're about over your legal problems and ready to burn a bigg'un.

    Good to see ya man.;)
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