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  1. Hey from a new smoker in Kentucky! My fiance had been asking me to try it for some time now, and I finally gave in. I was a skeptic at first, but once we got our first piece together (a glass blue, orange, and red dragon/lizard named Zero) I was much more comfortable. We've smoked over the past few days and had an amazing time. He said I was a natural at it, but I attributed that to my smoking full flavored cigarettes. Had a great first experience and can't wait for the next time. ^.^
  2. Welcome to the city black swan :smoking:
    glad to hear you're one of us , enjoy
  3. Welcome to GC! The women are decent and the bars open.
  4. What's up? What part of ky you in?
  5. Thanks for the welcomes, guys! Originally from Henderson, but now live in Owensboro.
  6. I am the fiance. :)
    Just wanted to stop by, and say I'm glad that she started too. I was worried for awhile about how she'd take to it, and she's done amazingly. I'm very proud of her. It's really brought us closer, even when we are sober.
  7. The original Pokemon are dope!

  8. Haha, I agree. The original 151 are awesome.
  9. I gotta ask then. Favorite out of the original 151?
  10. Seaking cause he turns into a motherfucken gyrados

    That's cool you enjoy the herb as much as we do. Weed can be a romantic thing, I'm glad for you and your fiancée.

    Hopefully you give up cigarettes though, that stuffs a killer
  11. Yeah, we're actually working on switching over to electronic cigarettes, so that will be a lot better for us. And as for my favorite Pokemon, it's a toss up between Pikachu, of course, and Growlithe. :3
  12. i'm your neighbor south of the border...not the mexico border the Ky border
  13. My favorite out of the first 151 is eevee. Always will be. :)

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