Hi, want to know about Pierced

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  1. Hi, i want to do piercing can i know how does it feel? and does it pains?

  2. Varies piercing to piercing.

    Some will just be a pinch, and some will be horribly painful (anything in cartiledge), and the rest are in the middle.

    Basic ear lobe piercings are pretty low on the pain threshold
  3. Like lux said, it depends where you get it. If you have a good piercer it will just be a little pinch in most places. Since you will have it add long as you want after its well worth the pain even if it does hurt like hell.
  4. Depending what you get on how it feels, I got my tongue done and I didn't even flinch. My industrial, it didn't hurt but it was an uncomfortable process. My lip when I had that didn't hurt either. Mostly you feel the pinch when the needle goes through the skin, but after it breaks skin it doesn't hurt. It's just a pinch.

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  5. I have gotten many pircings. Right now I only have my belly button pierced and they said it would hurt a lot. It didn't phase me a bit. Now note that i am a little sensitive to pain. But it didn't hurt.

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