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    Turns any standard 12oz/16oz aluminum can into a water pipe. Can modification not required

    Custom designed & produced flex-lid

    Removable, reusable, interchangeable

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    EVERYBODY CAN.. afford a real bong if they can afford weed. fuck that thing man
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    We're not the same market as expensive bongs BlackHippie, ours is a portable durable travel device.  Maybe you take your expensive gear on the road with you and can give us some tips on how to do that easily and efficiently and don't mind chucking it when you need to.
    Sup Cac!  Have you used the Roll-uh?  We have. Unfortunately, like a water balloon, it fell over itself when we tried to let it stand on it's own.  It's also $35 and takes 10 days to process before shipping.  Hi-Top is $9.99 and ships same day.  It also hits like a champ.  We'll put it against anything at double the price any day.
  4. Nobodys wants to smoke from coke cans after they turn 13. I paid 19.87 which is less than double. I win.

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  5. 1) fuck that thing.....
    2) smoke a doobie for fuck sakes....
    3) a pack of RAW's is what, 2 or 3 bucks....
    4) instead of buying that infernal contraption, spend the money on a grinder instead.
    5) repeat
    6) profit
    7) :metal:
    jokes aside, it is kind of a cool novelty item i guess. i mean it might smoke good, it might turn a can into a bong and it might be inde-fucking-structible.......but at the end of the day, you are still smoking out of a can and pretty much every single stoner i know stopped doing that in high school. GC can be a hard place because the stoners here take things like smoking out of a can as a move in the wrong direction. like going backwards in evolution or something.
    just thank the gods of dank that you didn't ask someone to help name your piece.... :metal:

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